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10 Things to Look for When Buying a Laptop

Are you thinking to buy a laptop?

Buying a laptop is an investment decision and hence you should spare quality time in understanding what type of laptop you wish to buy (for domestic or commercial use), what configuration it should have and more importantly how much budget that you have for this purchase. Do not forget to make use of discount coupons like Hewlett Packard Voucher Codes to get a Hewlett Packard laptop at affordable cost.

If you are thinking of taking some help in making an assessment of how to buy a laptop, here is the guide that aids you in taking the right decision.As far as the Vouchers are concerned you can get to know about them on Hewlett Packard official website or visit websites that offer Vouchers. This is guide that gives 10 important aspects that needed to be verified before purchasing a laptop.

  1. Choose the Operating System

It is an OS war out there. There are many operating systems in the market but the Microsoft’s Windows and Apple’s Mac are the top leaders. Each operating system has got certain common features and many unique features.

  1. Check the Configuration

There different types of configurations available as per the needs of the users. Laptops for domestic usage would have a configuration that is different from commercial or academic usage. Hence you should opt for the right configuration that suits your needs.

  1. Security

System security is an essential aspect that should be examined thoroughly. Leading laptop makers do have enough security tools in place for e.g. the Microsoft Security Essential which is a built-in security suite that takes care of the system protection by running in the background.

  1. Check the Battery Life

There could be situations where you have to operate the laptop without power supply for a considerable span of time. The laptop should be able to support you to the possible extent. Here the battery life of the laptop becomes the crucial aspect. Hence understand how much backup the battery can provide. Longer the duration better worth to buy the laptop.

  1. Weight and Size

Laptop is meant for mobility. You should be able to carry it on your shoulders or in your hand without much stress being caused. Hence check the weight of the laptop and choose the sleek one. Similarly the size also matters hence check the dimensions of the laptop too.

  1. Graphic cards and Processor

Processor is the speedster and propels the overall functionality of the laptop. It should be faster enough to handle multi-tasking functions. Similarly, laptop is meant for entertainment as well and hence its graphic card should be able to allow the user to play HD videos, games etc.

  1. Memory, Storage & Ports

Memory of a laptop is like the brain to us. Higher the memory higher would be its ability to handle multitasking functions with ease. Hence consider what type of RAM (Random Access Memory) has been put inside the laptop. Next comes the storage i.e. space available for you to store the data. Ports are the critical hardware that allow you to connect various devices to the laptop.

  1. Screen Resolutions

Screen is the part of the laptop on which your eyes are always hooked to. The screen and its resolution must be checked to ensure that your eyes are not strained quickly.

  1. Guarantee and Warranty

Each manufacturer offer them but with different terms & conditions. Hence check out for the best deal and do not forget to exchange your discount vouchers.

  1. Latest Versions

Always buy a system that is latest in the series.