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India is globally known for its multi-facet cultural heritage and distinct religions which differ in every state. India is predominantly known for its prominent monuments and intricate carvings and artistic work which make those monuments beguiling and true grandeur.  Irrespective of how many countries you have visited you can’t resist admiring the enchanting beauty of these prominent monuments which is just a demonstration of the epitome of beauty, rich culture and dexterity of architectural artwork.


Taj Mahal is preponderantly known as Crown of palaces in Arabic and is also considered to be the jewel of Islamic art as it beautifully demonstrates the architecture from all over the corners which include Islamic, Persian, Ottoman, Turkish, and Indian culture which aids it to attain a position in Seven Wonders of the World. This place is undeniably a must visit the place as we are sure you just can’t resist adorning this enchanting mausoleum.

This place is one of the favourite tourist’s destinations which entice travellers across the world due to its unconventional creation which was accomplished with the help of world’s best 22,000 labourers, embroidery designers, stone cutters etc. to build this marvellous epitome. The most astonishing fact of this mausoleum is that it changes its colour many times in a day which demonstrates the changing mood of the third wife of Shah Jahan.

Entry Fees: Rs. 40 (Indians) Foreigners: RS. 1000                                                                                        Timings: 6:30 am to 9:30 pm closed on Friday’s


The tallest minaret created in the history of India which will surprise you with its intricate aesthetic Iranian architecture which will leave you spellbound. This red stone tower holds the position of the tallest tower in the ancient history of the world. The intent to build this tallest minaret was to depict the Muslim ascendancy in Delhi.

This elongated structure is 73m high with a panoramic view elaborating the intricate iron cravings. It is erect by red stones up to 3 constructions and the rest is assembled using marbles and sandstones. This splendid creation was executed by Qutub ud-din-aibak in the nineteenth century and is a must visit in the itinerary to Delhi.

Entry Fees: Rs. 10 (Indians) Foreigners: RS. 250                                                                                         Timings: 7 am to 5 pm


The epitome of beauty Ajanta and Ellora caves of Maharashtra will startle you with its eccentric carvings of the rebirth of Buddha in sculptures and murals. Ellora caves lucidly exhibit the crafty Indian rock-cut architecture alluring enormous tourists from around the globe.

They are in the vicinity known as ‘Verul Leni’ and have recorded as the largest rock-carved monastic temple in the whole world and embody the quintessence of Indian heritage. The Elora caves are located in the Aurangabad city whereas Ajanta Caves are located in Jalgaon.

Entry Fees: Rs. 30 (Indians) Foreigners: RS. 500                                                                                          Timings: 8 am to 5 pm

4. Virupaksha Temple, Karnataka

Karnataka is an assemblage of many exquisite temples in India and the most significant temple of Hampi is magnificent beauty Virupaksha temple and the momentous feature of the temple is carving of Lord Shiva is just prepossessing for anyone. This is will surely engulf you with its divinity and breathtaking sight.

The substantial temple of pilgrimage is built on the embankment of river Tungabhadra which has holy and sacred relevance till date. It is still primeval which will let you sense the sanctitude and has engraved many inscriptions of Lord Shiva giving it a magnificent view. The most raved chariot festival is held in the month of February.

Entry Fees: Rs. 10 (Indians) Foreigners: RS. 250                                                                                          Timings: 6 am to 6 pm

5. Mahabalipuram, Tamil Nadu

The anomalously carved rocks are a perfect assortment of chariots and cave sanctuaries embellishing the place ergo making it one of the most visited tourist’s spot. This temple is a masterstroke of the great Pallava Monarch Rajasimha and was built during the period of Pallava Dynasty.

The shores temples which are the two towers augment the beauty of this edifice with exquisite carving. This temple illustrates the story of ‘Arjuna’ acquiring pasupata. Another extensive feature of this place is the five Rathas which comprises Dharmaraha, Bhima, Arjuna, Draupadi and Sahadeva.

Entry Fees: Rs. 10 (Indians) Foreigners: RS. 250                                                                                         Timings: 6 am to 6 pm


Amar fort is an impeccable medley of immense grandeur and aesthetic sight which attracts enormous travellers. The artistry craving on the red sandstone and marbles is extremely captivating and intensifying the beauty by Maota Lake. Book hotels and rooms for your visit to these astounding places at budget-friendly deals by searching oyo app offers which bestow its users with great discounts.

The mammoth fort fortifies its charm with mystique elements like Diwan-i-Khaas, the Diwaan-i-aam and the mesmerizing Sheesh Mahal. You can also relish an elephant ride till the main entrance courtyard which evidently makes it a royal view for the travellers.

Entry Fees: Rs. 25 (Indians) Foreigners: RS. 200                                                                                         Timings: 9:30 am to 4:30 pm

7. Konark Temple, Odisha

This temple is also addressed as ‘Black Pagoda’ globally and is dedicated to ‘Surya’ meaning the sun god. This temple is a real taste of winsomeness and that is why being given a position in seven wonders of India. This beguiling temple was built by King Narsigha Deva venerate his victory over Muslims. This temple also fosters with ‘Nat Mandapa’ or dancing hall that is insightful of erotic styles and postures.

The embellishment of Orissan style of crafting is erected as splendour chariot with elaborate carvings on pillars and walls depicting Kalinga architecture. The tantalizing Khandolite rocks intensify the beauty of this temple giving a feast to the human eye. On the entrance of the temple, two lions are seated at the entrance representing to be the guards of the temple.

Entry Fees: Rs. 30 (Indians) Foreigners: RS. 250                                                                                         Timings: 6 am to 8 pm

8. Sanchi Stupa, Madhya Pradesh

The dome-shaped stupa is styled to reflect the majestic beauty of Buddhist art and creativity. You can find the encompassed Buddhist culture and ingenuity in this edifies which was built during the Mauryan Empire. This structure is the oldest stone structure of our nation where the vestiges of Lord Buddha are exhibited.

This is one of those places which is visited by uncountable visitors quotidian and ergo is a must visit once in a while. The 54 ft. tall stupa narrates the story of Lord Buddha’s life with engrossing carvings and artistic work. The venerated commissioner of this mesmerizing creation is none other than the great Indian ruler Ashoka of the Mauryan Dynasty.

Entry Fees: Rs. 20 (Indians) Foreigners: RS. 250                                                                                         Timings: Sunrise to Sunset

9. Victoria Memorial, Kolkata

This sophisticated white marble edifies is located right in the core of Kolkata and is being named after Queen Victoria. This epitome of beauty is now a museum and a tourist’s attraction which stands as the remembrance of Queen Victoria. The grandeur and elegance of this marvellous creation were built by Lord Curzon after the demise of Queen Victoria so with the intent to build a colossal and royal museum was the idea behind this magnificent accomplishment.

In order to fortify the mesmerizing beauty, it is embraced with luxuriant green gardens which are spread in the area of 64 acres of land. You cannot afford to miss out the festivity of this museum in the evening which is illuminated by the show called ‘Son et Lumiere’ and will surely make you experience heavenly panorama.

Entry Fees: Rs. 20 (Indians) Foreigners: RS. 200                                                                                         Timings: 10 am to 5 pm (closed on Mondays)

10. Hawa Mahal, Jaipur

The Hawa Mahal which means ‘palace of winds’ was build with red and pink sandstones giving it a picturesque view.  It is one of the most visited places due to the mesmerizing adornment and its meticulous artwork. The best time to visit this monument is in the months of September to February.

The embellishment of this five-storey palace is intensified by the 953 windows and also known as jharokhas and the façade of Lord Krishnas crown which clearly demonstrate the rich Rajputana culture. The Hawa Mahal was embarked by Maharaja Swami Pratabh Singh and is considered to be the gem of Rajput elegance and stands as the exemplification of the rich culture and architecture.

Entry Fees: Rs. 20 (Indians) Foreigners: RS. 200                                                                                         Timings: 10 am to 5 pm (closed on Mondays)


If you were in pursuit of heaven then we have left no stone unturned for you and we can assure that these places a must visit with conviction because millions of people across the world are attracted to the urbaneness and conscientious architecture which is admired since the ancient days till date. India is comprehensively recognized for its opulent culture and ostentatiously magnificent monuments.

These monuments will prove to be an extravagant experience for you and abovementioned are evidently sumptuous in convoluted embellishments which make them stand out among all other historical places. So you have got enough coherent reasons to explore any of these historical places without giving a second thought.


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