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10 Common Mistakes in Social Media Marketing

One of the most talked about marketing strategy in today’s business implementation is Social Media Marketing. While most would believe social media is easy and simple, to the contrary its not. Social media is that single platform which will make or break the product images completely. If used correctly, not only will you create brand awareness but also improve company ROI. What then are the mistakes? 10 mistakes that most people make in Social media marketing are:

1. No proper Strategy or Plan

What is important is to have a goal in mind when you begin with the company promotion and advertising and a strategy planned to achieve those objectives. Once these are laid down, your road map would be ready!

2. Not Understanding the platform/medium you are using

Select the right platform according to the target audience for your business. It is essential you do proper research on various marketing mediums to know which one works most advantageous to your business and helps you reach your target audience.

3. Giving less importance to your blog

Content that is user interesting on your company blog can itself be a good platform to reach out to audiences. You must also add all your social media platforms on the blog.

4. Inconsistent Marketing

It is essential that you provide regular updates. Proper scheduling and engagement can help create the buzz needed to make your company viral. You must also be original in your interaction while promoting your brand and try to be honest in the information you disseminate.

5. No proper engagement

a. No replies on time: You must ensure that every query or comment is responded to within a set timeline.

b. No tracking of your stats: Statistics are important for your marketing campaign. Track the response you receive for each of the activities on social media platforms.

c. Too much of Involvement: You must be original with the post without going overboard in either the frequency or the claims.

6. Active 24*7

You are not required to remain active all day. See what time do you reach maximum number or target customers and choose that time best to market your product.

7. Using social media platform only for engagement and not for sales or lead generation

If you see a possibility of making a sale through social media, go ahead. You must not create only engagement without generating leads for your business.

8. Normal is Boring

Any creative or innovative idea to get across your product to the consumer is always appreciated and creates more brand awareness. Your page must be creative and also user interactive for most engagement.

9. Not keeping an eye on competitors

You must stay up to date with your competitor’s strategy to stay ahead. They are your best mirror to check where you stand.

10. Scared of getting negative comments

While no business is fond of negative feedback, you must take it with grace and improvise rather than trying to hide them from public view.

Through social media, you have a platform to reach to your consumer directly. It is then in your hand how to make this cost effective method a efficient business promotion medium!