10 Best Investing Apps for Android of 2018

Investment is a great way to rake in copious amounts of cash as long as you have a good head on your shoulders, understand the market, and are willing to take risks. 2018 brings plenty of opportunities to become a more informed and educated investor thanks to the following Android investment apps:

1. Stockpile

10 Best Investing Apps for Android of 2018 1

This app enables investors to purchase fractional stock shares. Although the minimalistic interface offers limited analysis and research capabilities, the app makes up for it by charging a mere $0.99 for each trade made and requiring a minimum investment of only $5. So, if spending money on a company trading at $1,000 per share freaks you out, Stockpile lets you invest in 0.10 shares worth $100.

However, remember that Stockpile prevents you from buying companies trading below $6. Thus investors wishing to trade penny stocks should check out another investing app. Thankfully, the app possesses the unique feature of allowing users to send gift cards for supplies, thereby permitting investors to send shares or partial stock shares to someone. The recipient is allowed to exchange that particular stock for something different.

2. Feedly

10 Best Investing Apps for Android of 2018 2

Investors often find it challenging to stay updated on the latest goings-on in the finance market. Feedly helps overcome that disadvantage by letting users follow multiple finance news websites and blogs. This RSS app allows you to pursue different news sources in a single spot. You can either read the content individually or organize it in a huge feed for scrolling through at your convenience. The app is easy to use and helps you compile your stock market news sources under one handy platform.

3. Apps

10 Best Investing Apps for Android of 2018 3

Two amazing investing apps are available from – a common stock market app and another about cryptocurrency. While the first one consists of news regarding forex, stocks, and so on, the second one features updates on exchange rates and can track Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Both these apps are handy and possess streamlined layouts with lots of information. You can download the apps for free with advertising. However, to remove the ads, you must opt for a subscription.

4. JStock

10 Best Investing Apps for Android of 2018 4

JStock remains a strong investment app that supports 34 different stock markets and allows you to analyze your stocks. Moreover, you can view a charted history of your stores going back a decade. Once you sign on for the premium service, new features will be unlocked, including unlimited usage and cloud storage integration. Plus, a news section also becomes available that helps you keep track of all the developments in the stock market.

5. MyStocks

10 Best Investing Apps for Android of 2018 5

Despite being one of the more recently released apps for investing in the Android market, MyStocks has gained quite a large following thanks to the various features on offer. Some of them prove extremely useful, such as real-time charts and quotes of funds, stocks, currency exchanges, ETFs, and futures. You can change the settings, so the app alerts you whenever a particular store attains a specific price. The material design of the app makes it user-friendly. Investors can download the free version of MyStocks or purchase the pro version for a reasonable $2.99.

6. App

10 Best Investing Apps for Android of 2018 6

The app from helps you manage trades easily. The platform has been carefully designed to fulfill new and experienced investors’ requirements. Negative balance protection means whenever the market moves against you, your account will be protected against dropping below zero. Any potential losses will be limited to the balance in your account. All the user data gets processed in a secure regular environment compliant with PCI DSS. Plus, sensitive data receives full protection, and all your funds remain separate from the company’s in segregated accounts. More details you can find here.

7. NetDania Forex and Stocks

10 Best Investing Apps for Android of 2018 7

This is a top-rated investing app because it offers comprehensive details on 10,000 stocks and 2,000 currency pairs. You can even look up details on 20,000 financial instruments too. This app lets you set alerts, save vital information in your portfolio, and read country-specific market news. The overall look of the NetDania app is also worth noting with its clean and efficient design.

8. SigFig Wealth Management

10 Best Investing Apps for Android of 2018 8

The SigFig app can be used to note stock prices and track investments. You may even use this app to invest in SigFig and help them take care of your portfolio more effectively. The company charges an annual fee of 0.25 percent with zero trading fees. That’s about as good a deal as it gets. The app’s clean design manages to push lots of details without compromising the layout.

9. StockTwits

10 Best Investing Apps for Android of 2018 9

The first thing you notice about this investment app is its beautiful layout and material design. The app lets you create stock watch lists, sort stocks by their gains and losses, and monitor trending stocks over time. It’s much simpler than other investing apps, so you should have no trouble getting the maximum benefit from this streamlined tool. StockTwits can be downloaded and used completely free of cost. Many day traders in the StockTwits community want to know about the technical analysis processes; learn from them.

10. Coinbase

10 Best Investing Apps for Android of 2018 10

Unless you’ve lived under a rock these past few years, you’ve heard about Bitcoin. While cryptocurrencies are much riskier than standard investments, Coinbase makes it quite easy to purchase and sell Bitcoin. Investors also have the opportunity to trade Ethereum and Litecoin from the same account. The simplistic nature of the interface means that you won’t struggle with tracking prices, and transactions can be made easily using your credit card or bank account. No wonder, Coinbase reached the top spot on the Android App Store for several days with these great capabilities.

Concluding Remarks

So, there you have it – a list of the ten best investment apps for the Android platform that can build you a fortune. It all comes down to selecting the right app that meets your requirements.

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