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10 Best Fort Worth Communities to Buy In 2019

Real Estates in Fort Worth are booming, and house prices have been increasing 10% per year. Whether you’re looking for a historic home in one of Fort Worth’s neighborhoods or are want a modern residence, the neighborhoods enlisted below are some of the best locations with amenities and architectural styles.

This Fort Worth community will boast over 3,000 homes and a giant lazy river

Fort Worth Realtors are simply one of the best.

  • Monticello
  • Ridglea Hills and Ridglea West
  • River Crest
  • TCU-West
  • Arlington Heights
  • University West
  • Colonial Hills
  • Westworth Village
  • Fairmount
  • Westover Hills


The lifestyle offered at Monticello is a blend of access to amenities and a peaceful neighborhood. It is close enough to restaurants, museums, and bars and downtown enough that you can even walk to your destination.

The Monticello neighborhood is a few blocks away from Crockett Row at West 7th, Kimbell Art Museum, and Fort Worth Modern Art Museum. It is adjacent to UNT Health Care Centre, and downtown executives can quickly access it 2 miles to the East.

Monticello is a quiet, family-friendly neighborhood even after so many cultural, shopping, and dining amenities located so close.

Early plans require the home sites to be 100 feet deep and 50 to 150 feet wide, which were to be constructed with stucco, brick, stone, or a combination of these 3. Homes here illustrate the development of this area is the 1920’s bungalows still sit beside.

The Monticello Neighborhood Association makes all the social scenes possible, and the MNA sponsors an annual Halloween Party, Christmas Caroline, 4th of July parade, Easter Hunt, and a criminal watch.

With all these advances, including the location, events, and walkability, Monticello makes an amazing neighborhood in Fort Worth real estate.

Ridglea Hills and Ridglea West

Ridglea area is of curving streets and rolling hills 6 miles west of the Business Centre District. Ridglea is a district in both Topology and architectural character. The diversity of this is area is what makes it charming and attractive.

The neighborhoods of Ridglea are quite friendly. Some areas might lack sidewalks, but you can always expect to see kids playing and people walking their pets. Homes there are typical of a single story and made of bricks that follow a ranch style.

The smallest homes often get remodeling and construction to add more space. Increased square footages and other architectural styles are available.

The focal point of Ridglea is Luther Lake. It is a wonderful location that attracts residents mostly during the holiday season, but many people go there throughout the year. Reflection of warm light from the lake is one of the main reasons why residents drive by it.

Ridglea has its country club, and to use it, you have to be a member of this club. It has swimming pools, two golf courses, and a fitness center which consists of many professional trainers and staff.

The applied learning 6-8 Academy has many great schools of ratings 6-10 for school-going kids.

River Crest

River Crest is an elegant and convenient neighborhood and a family-friendly community.

The River Crust’s focal point is its country club, which was established around 100 years ago. The club is a social point, and it is a calm area lined with many mature trees.

River Crust has an extended history, and its residential housing architectural styles are very different even from each other.

Expect contemporary styles, Tudor Revival, Prairie-style bungalow, stucco Mediterranean and ranch styles. Most of the residential homes are made for a single-family, and they are spacious and well-manicured.

The topography of the area comes from adapted and interesting lots of architecture. New homes accommodate curving hillside. Many of the North Texas homes do not have basements, but the interesting part is that many houses do in this community.

The crime rate in this community is pretty low as compared to the Fort Worth average. The schools in Arlington are rated 4 of 10.


TCU-West is the area with the lowest crime rate in all of Fort West. It consists of areas like Foster Park, Bluebonnet, Frisco Heights, and Westcliff. TCU West is like a dream place in Fort Worth real estate with its proximity to Texas Christian University and many amenities close to the location.

TCU-West has a family-friendly environment even though the university is pretty close. However, they still manage to maintain calmness and make it a perfect place for a family residence.

Some young families and young professionals call TCU-West home, and they always take advantage of its amenities for dining and entertainment.

Official community houses are ancient and are there since 1920 and 1930. It might vary. Newer homes are mostly of ranch style and have about a garage for two cars. TCU keeps buying new houses to add more area to its student residency.

The walkability in this area is very low due to the growth of many trees around. Only a few sidewalks exist, and most of the homes in the area lack a basement and garages.

The 4th of July parade is hosted each year with the association of Foster Park and Westcliff West. There are a lot of good schools in the area of a good standard.

Arlington Heights

Arlington Heights is a convenient location, and this is a desirable neighborhood. Houses for single families are built with some different architectural styles.

There social hub of the community is Arlington Heights Neighbourhood Association. It hosts a community newsletter, a yard of the month award, and an annual Thanksgiving gathering.

On 3 miles of distance, we have the Business District. More of the nearby amenities include shopping, entertainment, and prime dining. It is located on a short drive from River Crest Country Club, Apple University Park Village, Central Market, Fort Worth Botanical Garden, and many other attractions.

It is enlisted in some of the safest communities in Fort Worth, with a crime rate below average. Families benefit from different colleges and schools nearby, which rank ten by 10.

Arlington Heights is an area that has a good reputation because of the well-kept housing, friendly area, and also clean and other numerous amenities nearby.

University West

This area is close to some of the best amenities that Fort Worth has to offer. Nearby are Texas Christian University, Apple University Park, sporting arenas, the Fort Worth Zoo, Colonial Hills Country Club, and art museums. For all business professionals, this is a perfect place.

Texas Christian University once occupied the University West, and the architecture area of this community reflects this eclectic history strongly. The styles of homes range from Bungalows to ranch houses. Not all areas have surveillance of sidewalks and streetlights.

University West is associated with active tree planting, social programs, family-friendly events, and a crime watch.

Colonial Hills

Most of the residents of Colonial Hills were attracted to this place by its location. Arenas and sporting stadiums that surround Texas Christian University are very close to the community.

It is close to downtown attractions, TCU, and Overton Park; Colonial Hills feels secluded. Colonial Hills is built around the historic Colonial Country Club and Country Club Circle, established in 1936.

Colonial Hills has one too many good schools around it, almost ranked seven by 10.

Colonial Hills is mainly known for its rated Education system and Fort Worth entertainment events.

Westworth Village

It is attractive to the people who wish to buy homes in Fort Worth and close to the downtown. It is one of the cities which is without a city property tax. This area is still under construction, but the houses that have been completed are being sold at a high price, and their prices keep on increasing day by day without a stop.

Most of the houses in this area are made up of brick, and in recent days, it has added high-end residences, which are expected of more shortly. Different home styles in this community range from Tudor inspired to contemporary.


The houses in Fairmount have a specific character and this what this place is famous for. The homes here are wood-frame bungalows, and the owners need to take permission before making any changes in the exterior of their houses.

This ensures that the new buyers would be attracted to the area by its charm as all of the changes made around here are scheduled and approved.

Many of the homes in this area have been restored, but only a few have been remodeled or leveled. Some of the commercial buildings and apartment housings remain.

The sidewalks of this area are shaded by trees and are very much walkable. Several hospitals are within walking distance from here, and the downtown is just at a distance of 2 miles.

Westover Hills

This is one of the most exclusive neighborhoods of Fort Worth. It is surrounded by Fort Worth and is a residential community. It is one of the wealthiest suburbs and also the wealthiest in the whole state. According to one survey, the prices of homes in this area reaches $1.15 million in 2018.

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