Saturday , May 28 2016
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  1. Lawerence Lambros

    I’ve lately left school but regrettably irrrve never handled to consider additional science (i only required core) . since i’ve left i wish to train it to myself. can there be anyway i’m able to do this? where would i have the ability to go ahead and take exam?

  2. Essentially Used to do BTEC Science GCSE which does not let me study any A-Level Sciences except Applied Science. Therefore I am studying GCSE Core (with a lot more) Science, enabling me to consider Chemistry and biology A-Levels (I really hope!).

    How difficult could it be apt to be for me personally? Since it’s categorised like a ‘resit’, the way the program be organised to review for any year? Since I have analyzed only BTEC it will likely be difficult that i can discover the new idea, because everyone else is going to be resitting. Just how must i prepare?

    Please produce any advice, even when you’ve analyzed GCSE Science lately.

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