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Yahoo’s buying spree continues with Rondee acquisition

Yahoo’s buying spree continues

Rondee acquisition

Yahoo has been on an acquisition spree lately, and it’s not done yet.

The latest catch: Rondee, a free conference-call service provider. The service announced the deal Wednesday on its Web site, saying simply that it’s been acquired by Yahoo and will join the online giant’s Small Business team. The terms of the deal were not disclosed.

With the Yahoo acquisition complete, Rondee is no longer accepting new users. Current users can continue to create their free conference calls until July 12. Data from past calls will be available until August 12. After that, Rondee is going the way of the Dodo.

Since Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer took over the company, she’s been on a buying spree, acquiring startups across a wide array of markets. Mayer’s biggest acquisition so far has been her $1.1 billion buy of popular microblogging service Tumblr.

Yahoo did not specify its plans for Rondee’s technology.



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