Wednesday , May 25 2016
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Yahoo taps into Google’s ad network and expertise

Yahoo taps into google

Yahoo Google

Yahoo is counting on rival Google to help accelerate its revenue growth.

As part of an arrangement announced Tuesday, Yahoo‘s website will begin drawing upon Google’s massive online advertising network to show marketing messages related to the content that’s being perused.

Google Inc. already distributes similar ads to thousands of websites, a service that has helped establish it as the Internet’s most prosperous company.

Details of Yahoo

Yahoo Inc. has been struggling to attract more advertisers in recent years, even though more marketing budgets have been shifting to the Internet.

Google retains part of the revenue generated from the ads shown on its partners’ sites. The revenue split with Yahoo wasn’t disclosed.

Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer worked as one of Google’s top executive before being lured away nearly seven months ago.



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