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Yahoo looks at address book app maker Xobni for next possible acquisition

Yahoo looks at address book app maker Xobni

It looks like Yahoo is not planning to slow down its business acquisition spree. Fresh from its Tumblr deal and Hulu bid, it has been reported by AllthingsD that Yahoo is now seriously talking about buying address book apps and plugins maker Xobni.
According to sources that are close to the situation, while discussions have been going on for a while, a concrete deal now seems to be in the pipeline. The important word here is “seems”, with only an official announcement ensuring the certainty of this deal.


Xobni creates an automated profile for each email contact which comes with the user’s interaction history for both emails as well as social network. This is ideal for Yahoo to supplement its mail and productivity tools.

Yahoo wants to buy out Address Book App maker Xobni

Yahoo wants to buy out Address Book App maker Xobni



In the past, it was reported that Xobni declined a $20 million deal to be bought over by Microsoft in 2008. While the company has raised more than $40 million, with investors like Y Combinator, Khosla Ventures, First Round Capital and Cisco, it has never really achieved a great deal of success. Be that as it may, Xobni has grown from making only Outlook plugins to supporting Gmail, Yahoo Mail and iCloud, with additional Smartr Contacts apps for both Android and iPhone.


Both companies involved in the deal refused to comment. An interesting point that should be noted is that the CEO of Xobni, Jeff Bonforte, was earlier a Yahoo executive in charge of communications products and social search from 2005 to 2008. While the management of Yahoo has since changed, the take-over looks like a kind of reunion for both Xobni and Yahoo.



  1. I’ve around 50 contacts so when I am searching for individuals to text, I simply contain the lower button also it goes relatively slow. I understand you are able to enter in the title but may I am unsure who I wish to text. I additionally know you are able to hit the up and lower arrow around the actual screen, that is things i want, but I wish to have the ability to make use of the secrets/keyboard, not too small little button. Because I’d have to take out the pen for your.

  2. I’ve got a new Mac laptop Professional and i’m while using mail system that came w/ it…however, I am unable to learn how to give a new current email address (I’m able to only appear to include emails from received message senders). Any suggestions?

  3. i’m able to get my yahoo mail around the android, but no address book contacts. i am needing to by hand enter all of the info to the Android. Frustrating!

  4. I want something that has the ability to export all phone contacts on my small apple iphone to my contacts programs which i choose. I understand you are able to sync, but syncing will import contacts from my contacts application to my apple iphone that will obvious my apple iphone out since i have do not have anything within my contact application (i.e. Address Book, Outlook…etc).

  5. I’ve the android incredible 2.

    I attempted to include another contact to my phone along with a message appears that states:


    The procedure has stopped suddenly. Please repeat the processInch

    Then it features a pressure close button at the end from the message.

    These contacts exist in texts, and are available up once they call.

    I simply cannot add anybody or enter my address book. My gmail is synced with my phone.

    Can anybody assist me on how you can fix this?

  6. Laurence Cassani

    how you can remove yahoo acount ?

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