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Xbox One first-party titles to cost the same as Xbox 360 games

Xbox One first-party titles to cost the same as Xbox 360 games

Microsoft has announced that it will not change the pricing of its first-party lineup of Xbox One games. According to Polygon, games published by Microsoft on the Xbox One will cost $59.99—the same as games for the Xbox 360 cost right now. “I can confirm that Microsoft Studios games on Xbox One will be $59.99 (MSRP),” said a representative. This basically means that we’ll be seeing the same Rs 2,500 to Rs 3,000 price tag on Xbox One games when the console makes its way to India in 2014. The Xbox One is expected to hit stores in November this year and will cost $499.

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Xbox One first-party games won’t see an increase or decrease in price

The Redmond-based company hasn’t stated whether the console will have variable pricing for its games, much like we have on the PC right now with games costing between $59.99 and being free-to-play. Rival console manufacturer Sony had announced back in February that this would be the case for the PlayStation 4 as well, and in time has backed up the statement with the announcement of free-to-play titles for the next-gen console such as Zombie Studios’ Blacklight: Retribution and Sony’s own PlanetSide 2.

Sony Computer Entertainment America CEO and President Jack Tretton had told CNBC, “People are willing to pay if they see the value there and I think there’s more choice than ever before for consumers. We’re going to welcome free-to-play models, games from $0.99 up to those $60 games.”

“If you really see where the heat is for the true gamer, it’s on the console and it’s still that big-form experience that typically runs upwards of $50 million to develop, and we’ll justify that $60 price point and we’ll give people hours and hours of gameplay on a daily basis for months and years to come,” he added.



  1. xbox 360 360 will update their graphics to equal graphics of ps3 (1800P high definition tv type) this december it will likely be up-to-date

    i ahev ps2 and didnt have xbox 360 before but have performed both and love both of them

    i wish to play halo3 and halo wars!

    are these the game of basketball avaliable for 360?:

    national basketball association live 07

    national basketball association live 2k7

    national basketball association live 07

    basically get xbox 360 360 wut are a few good games?

    basically get ps3 wut are a few good games?

    that ought to i recieve and why??????????

    YOUR Assistance Is GREATLY APPRECIATED! Thanks

  2. Hi all,

    I understand the above mentioned subject continues to be requested many time in the last couple of years when each of them were launched.

    Now it is the finish of 2011. Can anybody let me know thinking about the current situation(game releases/graphics quality) – what’s the biggest score?

    ***I’m into PC gaming however i intend to purchase a used one from cex.co.united kingdom or through some seller in gumtree.

    In Addition, I heard that xbox 360 360 could be mod for any relatively cheap cost where games downloaded from online /copies could be performed.(I’ll rarely/never use xbox 360 live)

    Can exactly the same completed to be PS3 when i heard it had been cracked by someone?


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