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WWDC 2013: Apple introduces new Macbook Air range, teases next-gen Mac Pro

WWDC 2013: Apple introduces new Macbook

As expected Apple has given the Macbook Air a dose of Haswell. The Cupertino based tech major has announced a refreshed range of the Macbook Air. The new notebooks will be available in the same 11.6 and 13.3-inch variants, like before. This round of upgrades is all under the hood.

New Macbook Air range

New Macbook Air range

Apple has gone in for Intel’s latest Haswell line of processors, which were unveiled at Computex earlier this month, to power the Air. As expected the Haswell upgrade is said to give a major power boost the notebooks. The 11-inch Air is said to have a 9 hour battery, doubling its life from the 5 hours earlier, while the refreshed 13-inch Macbook Air will keep humming for 12 long hours as opposed to the 7 hours the earlier version had. Both the variants come with support for 802.11ac Wi-Fi. The 11-inch Macbook Air starts at $999 and the 13-inch one at $1,099. Both start shipping today.

Apple’s not stopping just at Air. At WWDC 2013, the Cupertino brand has also teased the Mac Pro, its tiny desktop PC. According to Phil Schiller, Sr. VP, Marketing at Apple, the PRO is “without doubt the future of the pro desktop.” The new Mac Pro will be assembled in the United States. The circular tube shaped computer is scheduled to arrive later this year and comes with four USB 3.0 ports, 6 Thunderbolt ports and dual AMD GPUs all packed into 1/8th the volume of the previous model



  1. I purchased a 2013 Master of business administration and also have been with them for around 2 days. Purchasing it for Uni, the guaranteed 7-9 hour battery existence was my primary reason for sale. However I have not become anything over 6 hrs and today on 100% charge it just provided 4 hrs on low brightness and merely web surfing. For me personally thats not adequate enough since i payed for any better battery. Can One have this computer/battery changed or perhaps is there a way to increase battery existence? (I purchased it in the official apple website.)

  2. Sylvester Dewater

    With this approaching year, I’ll be attebding college and want to choose a laptop. I’m Inside a dillemma backward and forward the mac laptop air provides a more mainstream look in addition to phenomenal battery existence. The mac laptop professional however provides a better screen and much more energy. Pros of every in addition to cost after tax that my father might get.Mac laptop air ($1475.00USD)-battery -size/portabilityMacbook professional w retina ($1971.00USD)-Screen -power -more features /only weighs in at 1 pounds more then your air and is equally as thhin at it’s thickest point.My father would like to cover the mac laptop air and stated basically want the professional that’s not a problem pay just the main difference. I’ve been working all summer time and may spend the money for difference not a problem. My parents won’t allow me to purchase my school or food however i do assist them. I’m inside a predicament which to obtain I’d be transporting it to roughly 2-3 classes each day lasting an hour or so each. I’m an enthusiastic gamer, however I wouldn’t game about this I perform a large amount of photography, editing energy points etc will it be well worth the extra for that energy etc. Anyways thanks all ahead for the ideas opinions and solutions. !-matt

  3. I truly require a new computer and Apple launched the Mac laptop Air 2013 with Intel’s Haswell. I am searching for a pc that’s portable, effective, reliable, and may last me through college. Must I obtain the Mac Air or must i hold back until the Mac Professional arrives later this season alongside Apple’s new OS, “Maverick”?

    I am a highschool senior and so i will essentially make use of this mostly for word processing, facebook/youtube/hulu, movie and music downloads, and perhaps a little of sunshine gaming (nothing overweight around the graphics). And perhaps a little of sunshine media editing. I’ll also download a home windows OS through parallel.

  4. Stewart Weingarten

    I am searching to purchase a brand new 2013 mac laptop air for college and I’m wondering basically upgraded the processor from the 1.3 gigahertz( turbo boost to around 2.6 gigahertz) I believe to some 1.7 gigahertz (turbo increased to three.3 gigahertz) and upgraded the ram from 4 gigs to eight gigs and standard 4mb cache whether it would breeze though programs and procedures which i would want for finishing work and perhaps play games for example battleground in a decent fps.It has an Apple HD 5000 graphics card, and I have read its really very good.I actually do understand for the similar money I possibly could obtain a mac laptop professional retina, however i such as the size, battery existence, and also the solid condition drive from the air.

  5. I am remaining inside a dorm for school and want a method to securely keep my mac laptop from theifs. Ideally a cable type. Can’t appear to locate any for that 2013 model

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