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World’s most popular blogging platform, WordPress turns 10

WordPress turns 10

The open-source blogging platform and content management system (CMS), WordPress is ten years old now. A success story in its own right, WordPress has gone from being a simple blogging platform to an extremely helpful tool for building websites and enabling communication across the web, in the past decade.

Fathered by Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little, WordPress started off as a blogging platform b2/cafelog. The service now powers 18 percent of the Internet, thanks to its CMS capabilities. Using WordPress anyone can modify designs and themes on their site as well as add third-party plug-ins.

Happy birthday, WordPress

Happy birthday, WordPress

The service being open source is one of its greatest advantages. One need not seek permission before going about implementing newly developed features. There is no wonder then, that WordPress is the most commonly used CMS.

Mullenweg wrote a little love letter to the platform he created, commemorating ten years of its existence. “You were cute before you became beautiful. Wearing black and white, afraid of color, trying to be so unassuming…You showed the world you were growing up, and how much you cared about design and typography and other platonic ideals. You knew that open source didn’t have to be homely. I stretched myself too thin trying to get you there, and I did a stupid thing to pay for it. I hurt you, but instead of casting me away you held me closer, supported me, gave me another chance,” an emotional Mullenweg wrote.

The platform is now more than just a simple blogging tool or CMS. The service based on PHP and MySQL powers about 60 million websites around the world. It also runs several shopping websites as well as nearly 17 percent of the world’s top one million websites.

Here’s to the world’s most popular blogging system. We hope to see you be a part of blogging’s changing face in the next decade or so.





  1. i wish to create a wordpress blog address and wondered if it is free of charge,. Thanks

  2. Basically subscribe to your blog with WordPress in the WordPress website, what is the certain software will be able to download? I have heard about WordPress software before, but just what are you able to use it? Is WordPress a great starting point your blog?

  3. I wish to install wordpress theme inside my site, which curently have an up-to-date form of wordpress. however it gives following error.

    Installing install package from…

    Unpacking the package…

    Couldn’t create directory. /home/hassantr/public_html/wordpress-content/upgrade/custom-community.tmp

  4. Hi men, wordpress gets popular nowadays. I want you opinion concerning the wordpress wordpress plugin. Are you able to list me typically the most popular wordpress plugin? or peraps a listing of wordpress plugin that you want?

  5. I’ll be beginning a food and cooking blog and that i only agreed to be wandering which is much better? Blogger or

  6. Hello, I’ve lately downloaded the WordPress package from I’ve also downloaded several templates, however the templates simply have JavaScript, PHP, and CSS files inside them. No HTML, meaning they simply produce the files, not web site.

    How shall we be held supposed to produce a layout with the CSS, PHP, and JavaScript files?

  7. I’m going to buy a domain at GoDaddy. I wish to transfer my blog at Blogspot to WordPress (a. Is that this free?), after which have my blog at WordPress be around with this particular domain that I am going to buy. I understand absolutely nothing about hosting an internet site.. therefore if my blog were at WordPress, would that be free hosting? Really confused, and want any information that might be relative. Help

  8. I’ve got a blog using blogging and that i bought my domain URL title.

    I’ve couple of wordpress styles which i like and also rely on them on my small blog, but I’m not sure how you can put it on my blog.

    Basically change to, can one make use of the styles? And my URL would be the same right?


  9. I am a fairly moderate HTML/CSS user seeking a cmsOrrunning a blog system to become intergrated within my approaching website. I have been known the host of Awardspace and blogging tool WordPress, but after newbies and installing WordPress’ files I do not learn how to integrate both wordpress and my layout.

    Advise or instructions appreciated!

  10. I wish to place a forum on my small blog…its a wordpress blog…how do i get it done? Have they got an easy connect or should i generate a blog elsewhere and link them together?

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