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World of Warcraft and expansion packs available at 75 percent discount

World of Warcraft and expansion packs available

It looks like everyone’s hosting a sale of some sort. Blizzard has announced on its blog that its insanely-famous MMORPG—World of Warcraft—is on sale, along with all of its expansion packs. Buying the entirety of World of Warcraft, including the latest Mists of Pandaria expansion pack, before June 24 will cost $30 total (Rs 1,800 approx). Earlier, the entire set of the game and expansion packs would cost $79.97 (Rs 4,785 approx).

The set includes the main game, The Burning Crusade, Wrath of the Lich King, Cataclysm and Mists of Pandaria expansion packs along with a one month subscription. To continue playing, you’ll have to pay a subscription fee of $14.99 (Rs 900 approx) every month.

The price is one of the biggest reasons the game doesn't get new players

The price is one of the biggest reasons the game doesn’t get new players

Back in May, publisher Activision Blizzard had announced in an earnings report that World of Warcraft had lost 1.3 million subscribers over three months. Currently, the subscriber base still stands at roughly 8 million strong, which keeps World of Warcraft at the top in the running for most successful subscription-based MMORPG.

There are many possible explanations for the steep decline of players over three months. The most prevalent one is that this is part of the natural cycle for World of Warcraft. The game sees a big boost of subscriptions whenever a new expansion pack is launched and many of those new subscriptions drop off after finishing the story quests and doing a couple of raids.

Another possible explanation is that the game has failed to retain the players that had started playing World of Warcraft since its launch back in 2004. Saying that the game has changed since it launched would be an understatement. The game has generally become much more accessible, especially compared to the brutal days of vanilla World of Warcraft.

Whatever the reason may be, a 15 percent drop in the playerbase isn’t good news for the game. According to Polygon, Activision Blizzard boss Robert Kotick expects it to get worse. Despite being the highest-grossing MMORPG out there, Kotick expects subscriptions to dip further before they crawl back up.



  1. Now before I start allow me to state that this an entire world of Warcraft is really a new factor to my liking genre, I’ve no clue what this WoW is really. I’ve been playing FPS games for example CS:S and Bad Company a significant amount of, and so i made the decision to provide hope to a different path. I have come across WoW before but I’m not sure exactly what it is. So just let me know the fundamental details prefer classes as well as what is this Cataclysm factor I see everywhere? Could it be just like a expansion or like are you able to buy WoW Cataclysm and merely begin after that. HELP Men!

  2. since cataclysm is definitely an expansion pack, and i have heard excellent reviews for this, should i purchase the original warcraft and wow to experience it? i loved warcraft before it arrived on the scene being an mmo and that i got sc2 lately (that is awesome!) so help.

  3. Basically were to setup a hamachi server, and hang my realm list into it, could I play Wow offline?

  4. 1) What is the main difference between all of the different kinds of wow games such as the plain WoW and Wow: Cataclysm and Wow Battlechest?

    2) To experience wow will i have to purchase the oringal realm of war craft(the one which states Wow, and it has an image of the blue witch searching person)?

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