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Windows laptop sales sink


Windows 8 PC

Windows 8 PC sales aren’t trending well, according to a new report. And consumers’ addiction to low cost may be a factor.

A blurb on Friday from the NPD Group said Windows 8 holiday sales continue to not impress.

“The launch of Windows 8…did little to boost holiday sales or improve the yearlong Windows notebook sales decline,” NPD said.

More specifically, Windows laptop “holiday unit sales” were down 11 percent year-to-year, the market researcher said.

Want more deets? The average selling price of a Windows laptop rose a hair — $2 to $420, according to NPD.

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Meanwhile, the average selling price of a MacBook rose almost $100 to $1,419 on a sales drop of 6 percent.

Upshot: Both Windows lappies and MacBooks saw sales decrease, but Apple made a $100 average selling price gain versus a couple of bucks for Windows.

Maybe a bigger part of the Windows sales problem is that the mix of systems has changed compared with the glory days of Windows 7.

That is, Windows 7 was accompanied by a crush of ultracheap netbooks, according to an analysis at the Supersite for Windows — which had some harsh words for netbooks.

“Many of those 20 million Windows 7 licenses each month — too many, I think — went to machines that are basically throwaway, plastic crap. Netbooks didn’t just rejuvenate the market just as Windows 7 appeared, they also destroyed it from within,” Paul Thurrott wrote.

“Now consumers expect to pay next to nothing for a Windows PC. Most of them simply refuse to pay for more expensive Windows PCs.”

And, by the way, shipments of systems powered by Intel’s power-efficient-yet-lower-performance Atom chip — the same class of processors used in netbooks — are barely a trickle at this point. And to make matters worse, some, like the $849 HP Envy x2, are priced way above the $399 netbooks of holiday seasons past.

There is a counterpoint to the NPD report, however. Analysts have told CNET that demand for touch-screen Windows 8 PCs in the U.S. is strong. Rhoda Alexander, an analyst at IHS iSuppli, told CNET last month that some vendors can’t keep touch-screen PCs on the shelf.

So, if supply of touch-screen displays eases and system prices drop a bit, that could drive more sales. And prove to be an advantage over Apple, which doesn’t have any touch-screen MacBooks.


Windows 8 Netbook




  1. I’ve got a new(ant) hewlett packard hdx laptop with wireless N 4GB of RAM along with a dual core processor. I do not realise why my videos dont load faster. Generally standard videos are “okay” however i shouldnt dare even considering watching in HD unless of course I would like it to load about ten minutes in advanced. I haven’t got the quickest internet on the planet however i examined the rate and it is about 3 megabytes/ps. (Thats the quickest my cable company offers) Any ideas?

  2. My first laptop continues to be beside me for four years and it is working, however it does not fit me.

    I’m a new university student having a listed major laptop or computer science. I must possess a computer will be able to use for *programming* and *gaming*.

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    Should you could, please list the specifications of the computer that may fit me and possibly a good pre-made computer that may be worth purchasing.

    Also, I’m thinking about building my very own computer in the event that choice is necessary. Finances are $1500.

    Appreciate your time and effort.

    Not simply will i personally use the pc for programming and gaming, but additionally everyday use typing papers and looking out the net.

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  5. Cristobal Poupard

    Okay, so I’ve got a laptop and that i use wi-fi from my mother’s pc (I am 14, I am not some grown adult living in your own home lol) and I did previously always have the ability to watch Youtube videos really easily because my internet is high-speed. But, I simply returned from vacation in the united states, and that i had linked to different wireless internets there. Since I am home, my connection is okay, but Youtube videos don’t load! How do i fix this?!?!?!?! Thanksss !

    PS: The bond I’ve is wireless from the d-link router. I am stealing from my mother’s Roger’s Extreme High-speed Internet … in the event that helps xD

  6. I lately downloaded opera and youtube no more creates my laptop. I downloaded the newest expensive player and that i checked to determine the javascript was switched on which is. I looked up and individuals were the 2 suggestions everybody appeared to possess, nevertheless its no longer working. Exactly what do I actually do?

  7. I’ve two laptops, one that’s sorta slow with home windows and the other fast mac.

    Each time I attempt to look at a youtube video it plays the very first two minutes after which it stops after which begins exactly the same process again.

    can there be a problem with my youtube or web connection? other websites work fine.

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