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Whatmore to review flop Pak players with World Cup 2015 in mind

 Whatmore has said that national team will be reviewed


Poor batting led to Pakistan`s defeat in all three matches as they failed to post a single total above 170 runs, with the flop performance prompting calls from former players, media and fans to overhaul the system and ditch Whatmore and under-performing players.

However, Whatmore appeared unconcerned by the critics` comments, saying that he will giving his report on the team`s performance, both verbal and written, with the 2015 World Cup in mind.

Rejecting suggestions that his players lacked in effort, although the former Australian batsman said that the performance of the team did not meet their expectations, it was not, however, for any lack of effort on the part of the team, who were unable to score enough runs in all three matches.

Pakistan was bowled out for 170 against the West Indies

Pakistan was bowled out for 170 against the West Indies, 167 against South Africa and 165 in a rain-shortened match against arch-rivals India in the Group B matches, while their batting was also found wanting on their tour of South Africa earlier this year, where they lost all three Tests and the five-match one-day series 3-2.

Pakistan had hired Australian expert Trent Woodhill as batting consultant for the Trophy but he failed to lift the batsmen. Pakistan`s next assignment is a five one-day and two Twenty20 matches in the West Indies next month.



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