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What the E*Trade baby will be doing during the Super Bowl

Super Bowl

E*Trade baby

It is possible for an online business to endure.

It’s even possible for an online business to have the same ad campaign for more than a few clicks of the mouse and the clock.

So during the third quarter of today’s roughhouse foot-fest, you will see E*Trade‘s baby again. Yes, yet again.

While CareerBuilder’s chimps have departed the Super Bowl arena, this little tyke is still offering his wise, non-Madoffian assessment of how you can ensure people won’t make off with your money.

E*Trade‘s little ones have captured hearts in ways that adult financial people rarely do.

Some may be unaware that the E*Trade baby actually has his own Twitter account, where he muses upon the deep topics of the day.

In his most-recent tweet, he declared: “Heading to New Orleans. Is it gators or crocodiles they have in the bayou? Either way, I’ll wrestle ’em. #NewOrleans #SB47.”

That sounds like the online financial adviser everyone needs, doesn’t it?




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