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Wallet-busting buds


CES 2013

LAS VEGAS–Looking for bleeding-wallet-level headphone gear? The Sennheiser IE 800 earphones emerged at CES Unveiled, costing $999 and promising the best in-ear performance anywhere, period.

The IE 800s have been hanging around for much of 2012, but they’re making a stronger push at this show. The extremely tiny buds have an absurd range of 5Hz to 46,000Hz. A dual-vented design is meant to reduce any unwanted distortion, and the overall sonic impact is meant to be extremely natural, with a slightly elevated bass level to counteract the noises of commuting.

Listening to them, they are impressively crisp. But $999 crisp? That’s up to extreme audiophiles to decide. With a variety of ear tips, they were comfy in my ears. The IE 800s are being shown along with other over-ear Sennheiser headphones at CES 2013.




  1. No an online translator, please I only want fluent loudspeakers responding to this…

    I meant French, not Canadian French, but appreciate trying to reply to. 🙂

  2. Carter Friesenhahn

    What exactly are your ideas around the new products revealed at CES 2013?

    My faves are Project Shield and Pebble (clearly).

    The Work Shield is definitely an awesome android powered device having a full-sized controller and touchscreen that can access android games and may stream Computer games from Steam.


    PEBBLE is among the best ideas ever! I am really looking forward to this and also have preordered one already. Okay so essentially it is a watch having a screen that syncs together with your apple iphone or android smartphone and works over Bluetooth to show notices, control applications, use Gps navigation to trace distance/speed, etc.! I would like to have notices showing on my small wrist. Take a look!


    Which device are you currently most looking forward to from CES 2013? Opinions?

  3. in addition, i have dish

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