Tuesday , May 24 2016
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Vodafone launches India’s quickest 3G web dongle

Vodafone launches India's fastest 3G internet dongle

 Vodafone launch the K4201, fastest 3G USB dongle

Preserving in view the rising cellular web penetration and knowledge utilization in India, Vodafone has launched the K4201, the country’s quickest 3G USB dongle. Priced at Rs 999, this dongle can hit most downlink velocity of 21.5Mbps and easiest uplink pace of 5.76Mbps.

Vivek Mathur, chief commercial officer, Vodafone India stated, “With the rising penetration of information, there is a consistent demand for excessive-pace connectivity. The launch of Vodafone K4201 3G dongle, with constant connectivity and up to 21.1Mbps superfast information switch, caters to this demand for excessive velocity cell information products and services.”

The new Vodafone K4201 USB dongle helps all main Working Methods, such as Window 8, Mac, Linux, Fedora and Ubuntu. Customers can retailer information on the dangle’s micros card (up to 32GB).

The 2d greatest telecom operator of India is offering 100 % cash back on the dongle beneath its two introductory bargains. The first supply offers customers a Rs 100 bargain on the invoice for duration of 12 months at apartment on plans costing Rs 650, 750 and 850. The 2d supply offers free information for two months if the condominium quantity for the first six months (on the three plans) is paid in increase.

To be had in black, pink and twin tone crimson-white color choices, the 3G USB dongle bargains endeavor options like remotely locking sum card and microSD card.


  1. I heard the NGP is being released using the $350 3rd generation model and also the $250 wi-fi compatability model. Do you know the variations and qualities of both? Also, does wi-fi compatability connect NGP customers to multiplayer? That you suggest I purchase if this arrives?

  2. I saw a …sprint commercial and it said fastest 3G network and now 4G
    What is 3G, 4G and what is the difference?

  3. Mauricio Dumouchel

    What is a 3rd generation network and just what will it mean?

  4. My boyfriend and that i got 2 Ip oness, the three G one.. We’ve thirty days to determine when we want the 3rd generation S for just $100 more. I’m keeping mine, I’m perfectly fine and pleased with the standard 3rd generation. He wondered if it is worthwhile another $100 to proceed and obtain the 3rd generation S?

    Could it be really THAT a lot better than the standard 3rd generation?. Do you know the large variations/or no whatsoever. We all know the 3rd generation S includes a bigger camera (by 1 megapixel) which the applications operate a little faster, and has more memory on the telephone.

    Other things? what’s your advice? should he proceed and obtain the 3rd generation S for $100 more.. or simply keep your 3rd generation? He’s wondering soon while he has only about 20 more days to switch the 3rd generation (so, he can’t wait for a 4G this be seduced by so cheap)

  5. Lamont Serravalli

    I’ve lately been in holiday to The country and that i observed on my cell phone (3rd generation+) around the signal bar. .In the united kingdom i only get 3rd generation .May be the what’s 3rd generation+ im on orange (and that i hate them )

  6. I’m considering buying an unlocked apple iphone to make use of having a Tmobile contract. I clearly cannot make use of the 3rd generation network on Tmobile and so i might just buy a 2G rather, since i have is only going to have the ability to search on the internet via Wi-fi compatability.

    Aside from the 3rd generation capacity, exactly what does the 3rd generation phone obtain that the 2G does not?

    3rd generation doesn’t hold more memory. And That I realize that 3rd generation and 2g will vary systems but when you read, I’m utilizing it with Tmobile and Wi-fi compatability. 3rd generation network does not matter in my experience.

    PLEASE dont answer if you do not be aware of answer

  7. In my Confirmation, I received an apple second Generation 3rd generation iPad. Exactly what does the 3rd generation do? How do you utilize it? Must i utilize it? Must i pay? I understand NOTHING about 3rd generation, so solutions to those questions and then any other data is greatly appreciated! Thanks!

    Also, to make use of my iPad, so I have to setup the 3rd generation? I’ve Wi-fi compatability inside my house, therefore if it simply use that should i buy a data plan? Or can one only use my iPad like one without 3rd generation?

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