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Valve announces August release for Dota 2

Valve announces August release

It looks like the closed beta for Valve’s wildly successful MOBA game—Dota 2—is drawing closer. According to Valve news site ValveTime, the company has revealed that it will finally be releasing Dota 2 this summer. While the exact date hasn’t been revealed, the release will be before the big Dota 2 tournament—the International 3—which will be on August 7 to 11.

While the game seems to be more or less complete when you play it, it still doesn’t have all the heroes that were present in the original DotA-Allstars map for Warcraft 3. However, the game is complete and polished enough to have entire tournaments.

Any game with a bear as a playable character HAS to be awesome

Any game with a bear as a playable character HAS to be awesome

While the game will be released as a free-to-play title on digital distribution platform Steam, getting into the closed beta right now is very easy. You can either find one of the thousands of beta keys that people are giving around, or you can buy yourself into the beta from Steam for $29.99 (approximately Rs 1,700). While the second option is expensive, it also gets you a bunch of in-game aesthetic items for some of the characters.

Dota 2 is a MOBA-styled game developed by Valve and game veteran IceFrog. Matches in Dota 2 consist of two teams with five players each. Both teams must battle it out in the arena along three lanes. The aim of the game is to push past your opponent’s towers and eventually destroy his main stronghold, dubbed the Ancient.

Dota 2 will be free-to-play and will only have aesthetic items, such as character skins, announcer packs and UI skins, for sale in the real-money shop.



  1. I like to play DOTA ( defense of the ancients ) and I want to record my favorite games. How can I go about this? Games are usually 30 mins to a hour.

    What program can I use?

  2. Exactly what do you think about August like a title alone so that as a middle for Damien??

  3. Should you be born on August 17 do you consider this seems like you or maybe somebody comes into the world about this day, will it seem like these to you?

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