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Users Reporting Decreased Galaxy Note II Battery Life, Post-Update

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Software updates are supposed to make our phones better, right? Sure, there’s the unusual feature-robbing update like we saw Samsung deal with thanks to its lawsuit over universal search, but generally expect a better experience when running the very latest software. Unfortunately for Galaxy Note II users, a recent update is reportedly taking its toll on their hardware, stealing hours from the phone’s battery life.

Details of Galaxy Note II

This issue was noticed after installing the update released for the international Note II earlier this month, which intended to fix the Exynos memory bug, among other changes. After the update, users are reporting that they get up to an hour less active use out of their phones on a charge, and changes in standby time of even twelve hours or more.

One theory points to the phone’s MediaScannerService as possibly being responsible for the excessive battery consumption, but we’ve yet to see any proof for such allegations. We’re also not ready to discount the possibility that at least some of this effect may be being imagined, as a number of users insist that their phones aren’t seeing any worse battery life.

If you’ve upgraded your Note II, have you noticed any battery life problems?



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