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Users report multitouch and GPS problems with refreshed Nexus 7

Users report multitouch and GPS problems

It looks like the refreshed Nexus 7 has hit a few roadblocks. According to Engadget, a few owners of the tablets have been complaining about some issues with its multitouch. One user has released a video that demonstrates the problem.

In the video, the user demonstrates the multitouch and we inadvertently get to see the bug in action. The tablet randomly starts registering some phantom touches, and then goes on to freak out about it and register phantom touches all over before calming back down. If the complaints on the XDA Developers forums and Google Product forums are to be believed, the bug seems to be quite a common occurrence. Google has responded on its Product forum stating: “The Android team is aware of this issue and investigating.”

This isn’t the only issue that the tablet has been facing. Earlier, users had been complaining about the tablet’s GPS. Complaints vary from the GPS straight out not working, to it only not working for some time between 10 to 30 minutes. Google is apparently working on a fix, but hasn’t released any statement regarding it so far.

The new Nexus 7

The new Nexus 7 is facing some issues

The new Nexus 7 hit Google Play back in July, albeit in the US only. The tablet is about 2 mm thinner and 50 g lighter than the older Nexus 7. In a major improvement over the last-gen model, the display on the sleeker tablet will have a 1920 x 1200 resolution with a pixel density of 323 ppi. The 7-point touch IPS panel is supposed to be not just scratch-resistant, but also fingerprint smudge resistant.

The Nexus 7 also has new internals, with the tablet being powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro SoC, which has four Krait cores clocked at 1.5GHz along with Adreno 320 GPU and a healthy 2GB of RAM. In a significant bump from the previous version, the newer Nexus 7 will have dual stereo speakers with 5.1 audio.

Nexus 7 has a modest 5MP rear camera and a 1.2MP front-facing one. The tablet will also sport Bluetooth 4.0, NFC and dual-band Wi-Fi capabilities. The tablet has a 3950 mAh battery that will last you for a good nine hours of active use and can be charged wirelessly. The refreshed Nexus 7 will come in 16GB and 32GB Wi-Fi variants with an additional LTE version also available. The 16GB WiFi Nexus 7 will be priced at $229 (approx Rs 13,500), the 32GB variant will set you back $269 (approx Rs 16,000) and the 32GB LTE Nexus 7 is priced at a slightly steep $349 (approx Rs 20,500).



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    This is actually the tablet I am searching at purchasing. I can not get internet inside my house, and so i would find out if I possibly could do this on the data plan from like Verizon ($20/month for 1G).

  2. I have not possessed a google product but own apple ipods. However, I am only thinking about details, not emotion. Probably the most I am prepared to invest in a tablet is $550 ($499 model with tax)

    (RELATIVE score breakdown- Wi-fi compatability only models)

    1. Design: The Nexus 10 has, from what I will tell, a plasticy body with padded finish, that nonetheless feels durable, as the Ipad is really a design standard, unmatched of all pills.

    Nexus 10: 3/5, Ipad 4: 5/5

    2. Memory and gratifaction: The Nexus 10 32Gb version costs $499 as the Ipad $499 version has 16Gb, HALF the Nexus 10. In addition, the Ipad has 1GB RAM as the Nexus 10 has 2gb RAM. I fault both Google and Apple for that insanely stupid decision not to allow expanding memory. Be that as it might, Apple offers half total memory, and half the RAM, for $100 expense. Nexus 10 also offers single.7 ghz processor versus 1.4 Ghz Ipad.

    Nexus 10: 5/5, Ipad 1/5.

    3. Application Marketplace: From what I will tell, Apple includes a superior Application marketplace in virtually every way. A caveat is Apple charges for Apple-Made applications while Google offers superior free applications additionally to key areas like Google Maps (versus Apple maps) (Google voice assistant versus Siri) Overall however, even when the Android marketplace is growing, Apple is superior in this way.

    Nexus 10: 2/5, Apple: 5/5

    Display: Listed here are the details: Nexus 10: 2560 x 1600 ( 299 ppi ) Display/ Ipad: 2048 x 1536 pixels 264 ppi. The Nexus 10 also offers a rather bigger screen. Thus although have incredible shows, the Nexus 10 includes a slight edge.

    Nexus 10: 5/5, Ipad 4: 4/5

    Battery: Ipad 4 includes a 11,560 mAh battery versus Nexus 10’s 9,000 mAh battery. Ipad includes a stated battery existence of 10 hrs and also the Nexus has 9 hrs.

    Nexus: 4/5, Apple: 5/5

    Software: TIE. OS6 appears remarkably smooth and delicate. Jelly bean 4.2 includes a superior voice assistant and (free applications like Google maps/Google Sky, ect..) with increased pull-lower screens and icons.

    Nexus: 5/5, Ipad: 5/5

    Camera: Ipad and Nexus have a 5 megapixel primary camera while Nexus offers 1.9 Megapixel secondary camera, Ipad has 1.2 Megapixel secondary.

    Ipad: 4.6/5, Nexus: 5/5

    Connectivity: The actual knowing according to Wi-fi compatability models only. Ipad has got the leg-up for more expensive models with 4G LTE connectivity for top monthly contract costs with service providers. For Wi-fi compatability-Only model however, the Ipad has wi-fi compatability, and bluetooth. The Nexus 10 has wi-fi compatability, bluetooth, AND Gps navigation.

    (Wi-fi compatability only) Nexus: 5/5, Ipad: 4/5

    Total: Ipad: 33.6/40= 84% Nexus:34/40= 85%

    Please dispute my findings with Details if you would like. Like a practical person, the best showdown for me comes lower to two things. The Nexus 10 has superior hardware (With Apple a little way behind), as the Apple has superior Design along with a superior Application marketplace (With Android Growing). From the VALUE perspective, I establish the Nexus 10 to provide superior value for $499 versions. That’s all.

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