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U.S. Cellular dials up $300 rebate for new family plans

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$300 rebate for new family plans

U.S. Cellular is offering a limited time “Family Switcher Bonus” for new customers who activate at least two lines on a Family Plan. The deal, which runs through April 1, provides consumers with a $300 MasterCard debit card.

The catch? At least one of the new lines must be a smartphone.

To sweeten the deal, U.S. Cellular has discounted a number of smartphones, including the Samsung Galaxy S 3 for $150 and the Huawei Ascend Y, which now sells for just a penny.

What’s more, the carrier is tossing in a free 4G LTE Samsung Mobile Hotspot with any smartphone or tablet purchase. Family Plans start as low as $99 for two lines, but vary depending on the amount of allotted monthly data.

Rounding things out, new and existing customers with U.S. Cellular’s 4G LTE coverage can sign up for unlimited data plans for $40 per month.




  1. Okay so Im obtaining a new phone on sprint the following month as a birthday gift. Cost really does not matter. I wish to determine if I ought to obtain the apple iphone 4s or even the HTC eco 4g lte. I like the apple iphone symbol of status but I like the HTC evo 4g lte. But honestly I am available to any top end sprint phone . Need advice!!!

  2. I can not decide backward and forward. Do you know the benefits and drawbacks of these, and what’s best?

  3. Wendell Stivanson

    My home is the United kingdom and i’m wondering, basically purchased a 4G LTE PlayBook from Canada, wouldn’t it operate onOrlink to United kingdom 3rd generation? Thanks

  4. Now, I understand this appears just a little odd in the beginning.. but this is actually the situation. I am a freak about 4g, problem is I haven’t got it within my area. I am tied inside a contract with Verizon, but U.S. Cellular will probably be delivering 4G within my area soon! I understand along with other phones, they are utilized on several carries with some hacking/flashing. Will a Verizon 4G phone have the ability to be utilized on the U.S. Cellular signal/tower???

    Sadia, have you read my question? I am not speaking a good apple iphone. I am asking if your 4G phone switch could be accomplished by initiating a 4G LTE Verizon phone on U.S. Cellular 4G LTE connection.

  5. And So I exhibited my Samsung Universe Note 2 to Cricket and everything appears to operate its exactly that I am only getting 3rd generation and never 4G from Cricket. They’ve 4G within my area. Why is my phone not picking up. The telephone comes from Sprint. What is the method to fix this?

  6. Jefferey Nestico

    Can you explain that t-mobile hasn’t become 4g lte yet and everybody else does. Even better exactly why is t-mobile behind in everything?

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