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Twitter’s embedded tweets, now on steroids

Twitter’s embedded tweets, now on steroids


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Twitter said today that it is pumping up the content of embedded tweets, allowing anyone on any blog or news site to see videos, photos, article summaries, and other additional content added to a tweet.

Embedded tweets have become a favorite way to showcase the contents of a wide variety of tweets in blogs and news stories across the Web. But, while they’re a convenient way to call out a tweet in a blog post or news story, embedded tweets have been a scaled down version of what was visible on Twitter.com. Now though, Twitter is boosting the amount of content that can be added to third-party sites.

[source – cnet]

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  1. on bebo, the playlist with 6 tunes that’s naturally on my small band’s site (that’s on every band’s site) – i wish to embed it right into a bulletin… how plz? thanks

  2. This means when I embed a Hulu video and also the video is eventually removed the website, will the embedded video still play?

  3. Exactly what does it mean for youtube video

    “First embedded on + link”

  4. Deandre Goldsworthy

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  5. lots of people upload music and video that are protected by copyright to websites like these as youtube and imeem. Basically would embed these videos and music choices to my blog, would i additionally be downloading copyrighted movies?

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