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Twitter Music wises up with smarter artist suggestions, more languages

Twitter Music wises up

Artist profiles offer fans more ways to discover new music.

Twitter’s #Music app for iOS was updated Friday to make better artist recommendations, reach people around the world, and send listeners down a rabbit-hole of music discovery.

Launched in April, Twitter Music takes inventory of the artists and tracks that people are tweeting about to create Twitter-inspired playlists for easy listening, with Spotify and Rdio powering the streams in the background. In late June, the Web and mobile music app added charts so that users could tune into just their favorite types of songs.

Now, Twitter Music on iOS hopes to help better point people toward more music they may want to hear. The app ingests a person’s iPhone music library to make more relevant artist suggestions. It also comes with revamped artist profiles to provide fans with an inspired listening experience. Artist profiles let listeners stream the artist’s most tweeted tracks, see the people the artist follows, and check out similar bands and musicians.

In addition, the information network localized Twitter Music to work for people in Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, and Switzerland, making the app more universally available to people around the world.


Music, however, may play second fiddle to a grander ambition to get Twitter users to follow artists on the platform, thereby better informing the company of members’ tastes and interests. Friday’s artist-centric release aligns with said purpose as it pushes people to find and follow more artists on Twitter.



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