Wednesday , May 25 2016
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  1. I’ve got a friend (Margie) involved with the divorce & custody of the children fight. At this time, she are her separated husband have joint custody of the children. According to things the children (12 & 14) have informed her, the daddy does illegal drugs before them (he accustomed to only do them independently), and driving within the vehicle together while intoxicated from both alcohol and drugs. She’s frightened on their behalf, but cannot prove his behavior in the court. She’s very scared of retribution. She’s thinking about making an anonymous tip towards the local police, and wishing they find his stash and arrest him. Does anybody seriously have knowledge about this kind of situation? What will be the best spot for Margie to begin? She’s attempted for any couple of several weeks to “catch him in the process”. The guy is friendly with a few local police, and was let choose a Drunk driving. I informed her they’d not ignore it two times, but it’s dependent on catching him. Any real advice is welcomed- I don’t know enough concerning the legislation to assist her greatly.

  2. How do you start it? It’s for just one of my close friends, hes a man im a woman lol, however i shouldn’t ruin things full-scale by asking him out SO i decided to hide an anonymous note in the bag 🙂 any suggestions?

  3. I’m not sure much about Anon however i think they hack things? Don’t you think like stick up for stuff that justice has not been offered in? Like they would like to discover the guy who made Amanda Todd kill herself? I do not worry about the hacking factor. However I see on their own pictures it states “Understanding Stree.

    We’re anonymous. We’re legion. We don’t forgive. We don’t forget. Expect us!” are they not speaking about stuff that haven’t become justice yet?

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