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TweetDeck mobile and AIR apps to go dark on May 7

TweetDeck mobile and AIR apps

The end is nigh for several TweetDeck applications.

The Adobe AIR and mobile versions of the Twitter-owned, power-user-beloved tool for maintaining columns of tweets will cease to exist and stop functioning entirely on May 7, the team said Friday.

TweetDeck first announced in March that it would be shuttering its apps for iPhone, Android, and AIR to solidify its focus on browser-based versions of the service. Not surprisingly, Facebook integration is also going the way of the dodo on May 7, which means TweetDeck will go back to being a Twitter-only service.

“Doubling down on the TweetDeck web experience and discontinuing our app support is a reflection of where our TweetDeck power-users are going,” TweetDeck said at the time.

The decision appears largely intended to get people to solely use the official Twitter for iPhone and Android applications, which proffer a consistent Twitter experience that is more in line with what people find on the company’s Web site.

Thankfully, those running TweetDeck’s Mac or PC applications don’t have to go into mourning just yet. TweetDeck will maintain those apps for the time being. But with TweetDeck’s expressed focus on Web, one has to wonder how long much longer these desktop apps will keep breathing.





  1. what’s TweetDeck:-

    1. could it be aweb browser.

    2. or it’s a desktop apllication.

    or just what it’s?

  2. Lots of links I wish to include are pretty short out of the box, and I’d rather people have the ability to easily see where I am taking them. I have attempted tweeting through BeTwittered, TweetDeck, and also the fundamental web interface and that i can’t keep my Web addresses from getting reduced. Help?

    I understand the depth of the answer regrettably, I have certainly had TweetDeck shorten Web addresses joined into the primary text box.

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