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Top SEO Tools


Top Search Engine Optimisation Tools:

On Page Optimisation Tool: If you want your web site to grow and crack with you profitable deals, you need to check with the page rank and search engines. You need to provide with the sufficient information which plays a major role in the on page optimisation and creates an impact on the website. You can also use this tool to evaluate the internal links, page content and Meta information.

Google AdWords Keyword Tool:

Google AdWords Keyword Tool was made for AdWords campaigns, but can also be used as a suggestion tool for SEO initiatives beyond PPC. With the free version, you enter a term, phrase or URL, and it delivers a list of suggestions complete with traffic data. There is also a paid version that offers more extensive long tail data.

Link & Image Analyser:

This tool is a special one which crawls on the Google’s data and check for the page rank by giving the URL in the Google search engine. If you want to check all the images which are fixed on your website along with the rank and size, you can, ALT text and can watch the displaced images. You can also watch internal and external links and XML style sheet. It is a multi-functional tool.

Bing Keyword Research Tool:

Google may be the largest search engine, but it isn’t the only one. Bing Keyword Research Tool focuses solely on organic search, serving up suggestions based on language, country, or region for personalized results. This tool is free to use when signing up for Bing Webmaster Tools.

Keyword Discovery:

Keyword Discovery helps you discover the best keywords by pulling data from the top search engines across the globe. The ability to view historical trends, effectiveness, and bid values on PPC campaigns translates to rich data that allows you to make informed decisions. Similar to Wordtracker, Keyword Discovery is a premium tool that might set you back a bit, but makes up for it with undeniable value.

Social Activity Tool:

This is also an important tool for your website as you can grow your business with the help of this tool. There are lots of social sites which are also meant to carry out affiliate programs. You can go to Facebook activity as it gives you the whole structure of your business and lets you know what’s going around the world of business. You can also get new ideas & partners for your business.

Broken Links Checker:

This is also a superb tool which helps you to ensure the accuracy of the links whether it is internal or external. You can also edit and change the page before you publish on the internet. If your website has so many links and you need to look for the broken links and it will be indicated in red colour. This broken link won’t work for longer time and as they are broken, they will show an error.

Traffic Travis:

This is also a best tool for your website as you can get  lot of internet traffic. It is complete software for internet marketers and bloggers. It provides total solution for traffic to your website. This tool is also used to find the keywords and links and it is very popular for the keyword research. This is an economical and SEO tool which can be purchased for just $97.

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  1. hi friend’s i’m a beginner in search engine optimization and that i have good understanding in search engine optimization however i am confused which software i must use within search engine optimization ??? plz assist me to

  2. I wish to begin a website (and educational website) and it was wondering if you can really make a large amount of money or maybe it might be a total waste of time…..

    Has anybody available an internet site and used ppc the likes of Googles Adword and really made some cash????

    I am not expecting to create a TON, but something substantial……

    any information on this, especially from those who have had success could be greatly appreciated

  3. using free advert or ppc

  4. Frankie Mayweather

    can one pay my campaign on the internet adwords with my bank card?

  5. Im on a tight budget and I have to have some cheap search engine optimization tools

  6. hi, guys can u pls tell me how to learn google adwords …………. pls help as soon as posible

  7. I’ve just began my very own in your own home internet business and i’m in desperate necessity of advertising myself – I have seen Adwords on the internet however i am a little scared for doing things – I’ve got a small budget to utilize (Im a WAHM) and that i wouldn’t understand what ‘keywords’ to make use of – I have attempted calling Google nevertheless its useless, nobody has known as me back. Does anybody utilize it or understand how to utilize it? I have already marketed myself within the whitepages, yellowpages free adverts, Google Maps, mail drops, I’ve got a facebook page but nobody is purchasing – I want exposure!

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