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Top Five High-Tech SUVs of 2013

Crossover SUVs are big business this year, overtaking sales of more traditional SUVs. Yet no matter what size and shape they may come in, this year’s SUVs are most notable for their high-tech features. From enhanced digital safety features to fully integrated smartphone connectivity, you can expect to see the best of the bunch walk the line between luxury and adventure with ease. Drivers now expect to have all the technology of a luxury car with the utility of an SUV, wrapped up into one neat package. This list won’t distinguish between crossovers and more rugged traditional SUVs, but it will narrow down the pack to the most technologically advanced models on the market this year.

1. Honda CR-V

If you’re browsing through car reviews at, you may notice top marks for the Honda CR-V, particularly in the family car class. This spacious crossover SUV has been upgraded with new high-tech safety features for 2013. This includes the option of adding collision mitigation, adaptive cruise control, and lane keep assist to its usual safety features. These digital technologies help prevent collisions and keep the car a safe distance from others on the motorway. Standard features for the CR-V also include a 5 inch LCD screen, rear view camera, dual-zone climate control, Bluetooth connectivity, and i-MID infotainment system. A rear seat DVD package can also be added as an upgrade, along with satellite navigation.

2. Volvo XC60

Volvo has made a serious commitment to improving the safety of their fleet of cars, and the Volvo XC60 uses the best of safety technology on the market today. The most basic model also comes with climate and cruise controls, Bluetooth, and real parking sensors. For an upgrade, you can drive a Volvo with voice-activated satellite navigation and a top of the line stereo system.

3. Ford Flex

In addition to entertainment and safety, another area where technology comes in useful in car design is when it comes to improving efficiency. The Ford Flex comes out on top among SUV reviews on, for its smooth handling and impressive fuel economy. The EcoBoost engine is optional, but is well worth the savings you’ll get at the pump from its economy-boosting technology.

4. Infiniti JX35

One of the more cleverly designed SUVs on the market today, the new Infiniti JX35 gets top marks in the technology department. These include top of the line safety features. The JX is capable of stopping completely before reversing into any object, and the ride is streamlined to reduce noise and improve handling ability. Some reviews have noted that the JX35 may be the closest car that we’ve seen to a fully autonomous car, thanks to its use of radar and sonar parking sensors. It also comes equipped with Intelligent Brake Assist, Blind Spot Intervention, and Lane Departure Prevention as well as a full kit of infotainment options.

5. BMW X3

BMW has always been known for its impressive use of technology, and the BMW X3 crossover SUV is no exception. It boasts a turbocharged four-cylinder engine to give it a boost of fuel economy and performance at the same time. The interior is luxurious, coming fully equipped with wireless connectivity, Bluetooth, and a satellite navigation system. It also includes all-wheel drive and a stop-start engine system to help give fuel economy an even greater boost. Although it’s not the cheapest SUV on the list, it comes with all of the amenities that one would expect from a BMW.


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