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The Best Tool to manage your Android Smartphones &iPhones

Have you ever wished to hold a big screen on your smartphone? Are you planning to integrate your smartphone device to your computer? If the answer is “yes” for all the above questions, then you have reached the right place. Generally, the Android users don’t have a desktop management app to manage and share the information. Many smartphone users who have switched from Android to iOS have started to face the problem in transferring their contacts and other data to the new device. In order to help out the situation, MoboRobo Management Tool has been made available for the smartphone users.

MoboRobo The Best Tool to manage your Android Smartphones &iPhones

Useable Features of MoboRobo

MoboRobo, one of the leading Android Smartphone Management Software enables the users to manage data, send messages, media files, install apps and much more. Every power user of Android/iOS should ensure to check out this free software available in the internet. The effective tool offers a file manager in which the users can install or delete apps, make ringtones, install wall papers, etc. It is an easy task to install the software and the navigation options will help the people to fix the app without much stress.

Connect your Android Device with MoboRobo

First, download and install the powerful MoboRobo. If you are opening the software for the first time, then it is essential to select the choice of connecting your phone via USB or WI-FI. It is recommended to use USB device as it offers high speed connectivity and reliability. People who have never connected via USB have to install the driver to start up.

MoboRobo screenshot 640x452 The Best Tool to manage your Android Smartphones &iPhones

Once you are connected, just read over the details of your phone which is visible in the “main Home section”. At the top of the home section, you can easily navigate the tabs by clicking on them. Now, the users will be able to see an image of their phone in the desktop screen (MoboRobo software). You can also bring to the full screen mode and take a screenshot of your device. In the file manager section, you can easily view or delete files, upload files from your PC to the device, create new folders and more fun.

MoboRobo manage The Best Tool to manage your Android Smartphones &iPhones

Further, the home tab will offer the statistics of your contact list, messages, images, music, videos and so on. The other options left on the home tab are the backup/restore function which is considered to be the major feature of MoboRobo.

MoboRobo live The Best Tool to manage your Android Smartphones &iPhones

The smartphone management software allows the users to backup all the data in their mobile device. Usually, the backup can be easily done with Android apps such as MyBackup and Titanium. MoboRobo offers the facility to select the type of files (contacts, messages, call logs, wall papers) to back up. All backups are saved on the file storage specified by the users. Each backup holds a different folder and they are saved based on date and time. If you are new to Android and new to iPhone, then you can transfer all your contact details by just connecting the device.

MoboRobo view The Best Tool to manage your Android Smartphones &iPhones


Therefore, MoboRobo is a powerful tool meant for migrated iOS users and beginner level Android users. Since the software is completely free, people can have a try on this tool and MoboRobo won’t disappoint you at any cost!

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