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These Chilli Peppers Are Explosively Hot



If you thought Sriracha was hot, think again: these chilli peppers are so potent they’re exploding.

Actually Chilli Will Be

Well, not really. These images were actually captured by Adam Voorhes for a Men’s Health photo shoot — and they were made possible by placing firecrackers inside fresno chillies. Voorhes’ camera was rigged up with a sound trigger mic, so that when the firecracker exploded it started snapping the explosion.

Dynamic Of Chilli

The result is probably some of the most dramatic food photography we’ve ever seen. If you want to know more about the technical details of how the photographs were shot, Strobist has a great run down of what Voorhes did.

[ Source :- Gizmodo ]


  1. My mother cooks a chilli but can’t allow it to be hot enough. She puts half a pot of hot chilli powder in, 25 Hot red-colored birdseye chillis along with a teaspoon of cayun pepper. This will blow my mind off! however it in some way manages to lose its warmth. Does anybody know why this really is?

  2. That You Want ..

  3. anybody wana share good quality chili disadvantage carne quality recipes beside me plzzzz? not in to the chocolate ones i’ve attempted that before and did not enjoy it :-/

    wow thanks Louise sexy photo too lol x

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