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The five best business freebies of 2012

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The best things in life are free: hugs, moonlit nights, belly laughs.

But the best things in business always cost, right? Sometimes yes, sometimes no. Turns out there are plenty of great business freebies, and I’m not just talking about the swag bags you get for attending a $3,000 conference. I mean actual, honest-to-goodness free stuff, like apps and services built to help small-biz folks boost their productivity—and hopefully their bottom lines.

Below I’ve rounded up my five favorite business freebies from the past year.

1. freebies Free and easy conference calling from Speek

Resolve to make 2013 the year that conference calls are no longer a giant pain in the butt. Speek can help with that; this free service (a Pro version will come later) gives you a custom Web address that attendees uses to bring people onto your call—complete with a live call-page for sharing files, swap messages, and so on.

2. freebies Free Sharepoint-style workspace from Kerio

Most businesses would benefit from a shared workspace, a place to keep project-related messages, documents, and collaboration organized and accessible. Can’t afford Microsoft SharePoint? Try Kerio Workspace Starter Edition, which includes 10GB of shared storage and support for unlimited users and workspaces.

3. freebies Free mileage tracking from TripLog

Do you get paid by the mile? Whether it’s your employer footing the bill or the IRS giving you a tax break, you need a way to track your trips. Free app TripLog GPS Mileage Tracker lives up to its name by leveraging your smartphone’s GPS to monitor your driving, record your mileage, and generate IRS-ready trip reports.

4. freebies Free domain name and Web hosting from Google

Setting up shop on the Web? Google makes it cheap and easy by offering a free year of Web hosting, including a custom domain name. You also get a complete Web site courtesy of Intuit’s site-building service. After the first year, each additional year costs a mere $6.99. Those rates won’t break anybody’s bank.

5. freebies Free online meetings and remote access from TeamViewer

Although LogMeIn Free remains my go-to tool when I need remote access to my own PC, the newly updated TeamViewer 8 ups the ante with more features. You can use it not just for remote access, but also to host online meetings. Oh, and it’s not limited to PCs, either: TeamViewer is available for Android, iOS, and Windows 8/RT as well.

Technically, it’s free “for private use” only, but I won’t tell if you won’t. (Needless to say, the idea behind the free version is to entice you to upgrade to a pro-level account, which offers even more business amenities. So the company clearly wants you to make use of the free version, at least initially.)

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    Everything was said to be “up for grabsInch within the crafting of deal to avert the so-known as fiscal high cliff. But ultimately, congressional Dems and Republicans missed over probably the most glaring tax perks and free gifts. Just to illustrate: Congress did not touch vast amounts of dollars annually in giveaways towards the gas and oil industry that pad the income of companies for example ExxonMobil and British petroleum.

    The ultimate fiscal high cliff deal doesn’t touch gas and oil subsidies, verifies Rory Cooper, a spokesperson for House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-Veterans administration.). Ending the most expensive regulations for gas and oil companies might have elevated hundreds of vast amounts of dollars in revenue. Trimming just a number of these breaks for that large five companies—BP, Chevron, ConocoPhillips, ExxonMobil, and Shell—would’ve elevated $24 billion within the next decade. Leader Obama’s 2012 budget proposal known as for ending 13 breaks reaping helpful benefits gas and oil companies of dimensions it might have saved $46 billion over ten years.

    There is a window of your time round the November elections if this looked as though these subsidies might, might just, face the smallest cuts. In the first presidential debate, Mitt Romney, whose nearest allies incorporated the mind from the oil lobby, stated oil subsidies were up for grabs if corporate taxes were decreased. Repetition. Fred Upton (R-Mich.), chair from the effective House energy and commerce committee, stated inside a believe that he’d finish all energy subsidies, including individuals for gas and oil. Along with a week following the election, House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) declined to eliminate trimming gas and oil subsidies included in a monetary high cliff deal.

    But gas and oil free gifts possess a knack for making it through the fiercest fiscal showdowns. (See: Congress’ 1986 tax-reform fight.) Because they are a part of the tax code, the and it is insurance supporters just defend their billions in perks the wind and photo voltaic industries, by comparison, must fight and claw to increase the breaks they receive, including expiration dates. The fiscal high cliff deal also maintained hundreds of vast amounts of dollars in tax credits for alternative energy production and research.

    “We are definitely not requesting anything on Capitol Hill,” a staffer using the American Oil Institute, the oil industry’s top lobbying shop, told the AP at the end of November. And that he wasn’t laying: the does not always want anything new from Congress. It simply really wants to keep what it really already has.

    Which is what happened within the fiscal high cliff drama. The gas and oil industry maintained its bountiful established order to ensure that the billions in breaks still flow. Game, set, match, Large Oil.

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    Keenan Corradino

    Previously I’ve recommended awards to obtain energy independence technology discoveries, and my suggestions were roundly overlooked through the Forces that Be.

    I am from Manhattan — I’ve Tude — I am still here — and thus, not giving one inch, here’s my Modest Proposal for Today —

    National awards for Job Creation.

    These jobs need to last a minimum of 24 several weeks.

    They cannot get to relatives or people already connected using the Job Creator Prize Contestant.

    The awards is going to be granted on or about 15 The month of january 2012.

    They’ll be according to jobs produced between 1 The month of january 2011 and 1 The month of january 2012.

    The very best ten participants with jobs produced about 10,000 jobs can get the awards.

    The awards are twofold:

    1. A Congressional Gold Medal being an Economy Booster — which has a large Certificate that states the Gratitude of the united states, which outlines in certain detail the actual accomplishments from the medal champion. This could possess a blue ribbon along with a gold Congressional seal onto it. It might come ready for framework.

    2. A money award of $10,000,000 (Tens Of Millions Of dollars)

    The roles need to be for people of USA, carrying out a minimum of 90% from the job responsibilities in USA, while speaking British, and taking advantage of abilities learned by experience, in Senior High School, or attending college.

    The roles need to be lucrative for that organization that employs the individual. They cannot be fake make-work jobs that simply p*ss away money to obtain the gold medal. Each employed person must marginally lead internet profit towards the firm that employs him/her.

    In this particular framework the roles could be any legal activity. Drug dealing isn’t OK, but legal porn is alright, and import/export is alright, and hard physical work crafts are OK, and intellectula work (researtch and writing) is alright, and farming is alright, and pavement lounging, and making music, or art, or product which, or selling Pizzas or window caulk.

    When the contestant commit criminal fraud by smashing the rules, or sneaky activities, then they’ll be personally punished and obtain jailtime if that is exactly what a jury decides.

    Therefore the participants have skin in the overall game.

    It isn’t a free gift giveaway program where they are able to cheat their method to victory and leave using the cash and also the medal scott free. They’re in danger when they cheat. They are able to lose their liberty.

    Ego is really a world driver. More for males compared to women. But that is OK. It goes without saying.

    You harness up that Ego for that National Good, so we will dsicover a path from our doldrums.

    When the program works as planned, then for the following 2 year cycle, we are able to bump up to 50 awards of just $5,000,000 (5 Million dollars each). When the new factor continues to be done, and individuals “get” how it operates, you do not need just as much money to create participants to the process. Which was no major incentive anyway. It had been just there to ensure that folks knows when they won, a few of their expenses could be defrayed, as well as their personal banking account would develop — therefore it is worth their time for you to a minimum of consider.

    Once hundreds of 1000′s of economic people be aware of awards count their time, you don’t have to over-incentivize all of them with cash. The gold medal and also the certificate is nearly reward enough.

    Ideally, you would like the prize money to visit lower close to $1,000,000 (just to cover overhead and marginal in advance costs), and the amount of awards to visit 100 each year.

    Sooner or later you’re creating lots of new jobs.

    Not by government “stimulus” stupidities. But by incentivizing the Ego drive running a business Personages.

    One of these simple medals is a superb resume item for those within the Boss Circle.

    It’s similar to an alternative choice to Gates/Buffett style Foundation work.

    This is preferable to giving money away — it’s teaching individuals to seafood.

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