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Spotify to unlock Pink Floyd catalogue after one million plays of Wish You Were Here

Spotify to unlock Pink Floyd catalogue

Here’s a social media challenge music aficionados will love. Music streaming service Spotify and classic rock legend Pink Floyd has challenged users to help unlock the band’s catalogue on Spotify by streaming its song “Wish You Were Here” one million times on the service.

In a one of a kind challenge, Spotify and Pink Floyd have both made it interesting for fans who have long wanted the music to be available for streaming on the service. The band has earlier been reluctant to embrace digitisation of their music. The rights to Pink Floyd’s music is owned by EMI, who the band sued earlier for allowing iTunes to stock its tracks individually.

Spotify goes all out to get the plays

Spotify goes all out to get the plays

It’s not that Pink Floyd’s music isn’t available elsewhere. It is available on Pandora and Google Play Music, with deals with Apple for iTunes Radio in the pipeline. However, given Spotify’s popularity, it was inevitable that hits like Another Brick in the Wall and Comfortably Numb came to the service. Spotify and Pink Floyd have probably reached a deal already, but this is a great exercise in generating enough interest around the catalogue when it releases.

Spotify and Pink Floyd both took to Twitter to urge fans to try and hit the one million plays mark on Spotify for Wish You Were Here. The exercise started on June 14 and continued over the weekend. While there is no counter on the Spotify player to see how many plays the song has received, back on June 15, the service announced on Twitter that it had crossed the 350,000 mark, with the first 100,000 plays coming in less than 24 hours.

If you’re a Pink Floyd fan in India, though, you will not be able to do much about this since Spotify still continues to be absent from the country.



  1. For halloween i wish to be a pink floyd groupie

    although not ssupperr slutty

    how can seventies groupies dress?

  2. OK, now, here’s the one thing. Lots of people available defend that Pink Floyd works the very best music. As an individual who loves to hear many genres, from jazz to rock to metal, I attempted to pay attention with the whole studio discography of Pink Floyd.

    Well, many attempts of mine continues to be not successful. When I am hearing their tracks, I’ve found it incredible, for instance tunes in Ummagumma. However I become bored too rapidly, most likely due to the size of the “quiet parts” of the tunes that are full of electronic tempos or whatever (consider a Saucerful of Secret – the song).

    Now, basically play ANY song from the band Yes, I must say i question at just how anyone can title Pink Floyd over Yes or whatever band. And That I actually want to determine what people finds in Pink Floyd. I’ll be more than pleased to listen to your ideas.

    I felt the need to include something. I truly imply that, after i pay attention to a rock-band, ex. Brought Zeppelin, I realize they’re a Rock-band. In my experience, Pink Floyd is really a band that composed tunes with 75% quiet parts and/or animal sounds. Frankly.

    I do not really see a component which make them a rock-band.

    Thanks all, ‘dumbass’s really assisted me. Now PF is the best band!! (it’s for u should you appreciate irony)

  3. Let us discuss Pink Floyd!?

    So why do you like them a lot?

    Personally, i seem like the background music has soo much emotion inside it. all of the instrumentals they will use, and exactly how they listen to it. gilmour’s solos are essentially lyrics sang in the heart!! i am talking about they are amazing.

    waters had some dark lyrics, yes, however they were so inspiring, and soothing, and significant.

    let us remember how pink floyd never experienced everything love song garbage! pure genius!

    and it is it simply me, or can nobody pick Only one favorite song, or album?

    i honestly cannot select one album within the other since they’re whole concepts, incomparable. there’s no method for you to like one song from an album and never another..

    oh guy i really like them.

    what about you?

    (with no i’m not a pot mind)

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