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Sony to release PS4 this year for around Rs 23,000: reports

Sony releasing Ps4


Sony plans to release its new Playstation 4 home console this year for around $430 (approx. Rs 23,000), giving the successor to the popular PS3 a touch panel control and easy access to social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook, Japan’s Asahi newspaper reported.

Sony‘s game chief, Andrew House, will reveal the new features at a Playstation meeting in New York on February 20, the paper said, without saying where it obtained the information.

Sony declined to comment on the report.

The gathering in New York is the first major Playstation meeting in two years. The last time Sony held such an event it revealed the prototype for its handheld Vita. The meeting before that in 2005 came two months after it revealed its concept for the PS3, which sold 70 million units.

Details of Sony  Ps4

It has been more than six years since Sony launched the PS3, a longer gap than between the PS3 and its PS2 predecessor. The gaming market has since been transformed by the rise of tablet PCs and smartphones that are wooing away casual gamers with free or cheap games.

The shift to mobile devices has forced console makers such as Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft to try to find new ways to win back consumers to consoles.

In a sign of the competitive pressure they face, Nintendo last month cut its sales target for the Wii U, successor to its 100 million-selling Wii, to 4 million machines by the end of March from its launch in November, compared with an earlier forecast for 5.5 million.

Shares in Sony, which is due to release its third-quarter results later in the day, last traded up 4.0 percent at 1,540 yen, in a broader market down nearly 1.0 percent.



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  4. The Wii-U is really a eighth Generation console? ‘. The graphics seem like the PS3 and it has exactly the same energy. And The new sony and Microsoft has stated nothing bout a brand new console so that your saying Manufacturers is destined to be alone within this generation for like hmm i’m not sure 24 months till The new sony and Microsoft released their console This just appears like a complete fluke and also the Wii-U ought to be a 7.fifth generation and therefore are just creating for that Wii since in comparison to PS3 and Xbox 360 360 360 and PS3 clearly possess the advantage in technology and cost as the Wii are only able to play games with no DVD,Compact disc or any other features that PS3 and Xbox 360 360 have. But I am not to imply the Wii isn’t good I listen to it every single day. I believe Manufacturers should wait until they get more information around the REAL eighth Generation consoles. And perform some last second changes around the Wii U.

  5. i simply cannot imagine consoles for the following generation

    The way the hell will it be easy to make consoles more effective compared to PS3 and Xbox 360 360?

    Next-gen is about graphics, just how would they make games with graphics more enhanced than games like Cod: Cod : Mw2, and Grand Thievery Auto IV, that are games which have the very best graphics within this generation

    i am talking about, would be the graphics likely to look so realistic that you would believe that you are playing an active-action movie

    it will not be a different way of doing offers, simply because they just launched Kinect and Ps Move

    and so i can’t make a Ps 4 and Xbox 360 720, because it’ll just most likely be gimmicks

    but there most likely may well be a Wii 2, that will you need to be a Wii as effective because the PS3 and 360

    I’d be blown away if there is a next-gen, as the saying goes it will likely be launched in 2015 and will also be very costly when launched (£500) (US$750)

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