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Sony promises to fix connectivity issues between its QX lenses and iOS 7

Apple customers, who were upset that they might not use their iPhone with Sony’s QX10 and QX100 Wi-Fi digital camera lenses correctly now, have a motive to be cheer up. A Sony consultant has now demonstrated to Apple Insider that an update from the company’s reputable Play Memory mobile software on iOS is slated to return out in the next few weeks. The replace will care for concerns inside the instrument that’s inflicting the lenses to disconnect when paired to a device running iOS 7.

Sony has said that the present tool experiences “preliminary compatibility considerations” with iOS 7. These issues, however, are expected to be mounted this month. The company has stated that the Play Memories app was intended for iOS 6. The device, to be able to work with the new OS, must be updated. This may increasingly, in line with Sony, restoration the connection problems.


Sony QX100 and QX10

Sony has promised to repair the connectivity concerns between its QX lenses and iOS 7 devices

The source additionally talks about 1/3-celebration apps that are being developed to give a boost to the capabilities of the lenses. Camera360 is reportedly engaged on a replace for its iOS app later this month with the intention to work with both QX fashions. Sony has additionally introduced an update for the iOS digital app by way of TapTapTap so one can also be rolling out quickly.

A snappy recap of the brand new QX lenses unearths that each join wirelessly with an iOS or Android Smartphone the usage of Wi-Fi. The images taken are dispatched to the person’s telephone from the place it can be edited and dispatched out to other users via e mail or uploaded to social networks. While the QX10 comes with an 18-megapixel sensor and a Sony G lens with 10X optic zoom. The QX100 comes with a 20.2-megapixel lens featuring a RCMOS Exmore sensor and a Carl Zees Vario-Sonnar T lens. The lenses are priced at Rs 12,990 and Rs 24,990 respectively. Take a take a look at our palms-on to grasp more about the lenses.




  1. I am thinking about doing a bit of heavy traveling. Obviously Let me capture everything in photographs. However, I’m not sure much about Digital Camera Models-what must i search for inside a Camera?

  2. What is the shopping district or special area working in london and you’ll discover lots of camera stores that sell NIKON digital camera models and contacts at excellent street-prices ? (I’d rather not buy through the web) Does anybody be aware of title of the camera store, with excellent prices on NIKON stuff ? Thanks !

  3. Im gonna purchase a camera soon and that i have no idea which to obtain. Id just like a camera with higher quality picture that works very well in low light/very dark situations.

    I love taking photos at nighttime i do POV (perspective) videos for rollercoasters. iv never done one for that ride duel at alton towers and it is dark inside so my phone dosnt get it :l I additionally enjoy individuals photos using burst frame or sequence where it requires three or four pictures in like 2 seconds.

    So essentially has anybody got any recommendations for a camera with higher expensive, good video and movie quality that can take pictures quite fast and perhaps includes a built-in light that you could switch on while videoing.

    Thank you for any suggestions 😀

  4. I’m a little behind the occasions and am still utilizing a 35mm camera. anyway I am considering going digital but does anybody determine if traditional contacts will fit a camera?

  5. I’m really stumped.. okay yahoo solutions. Im engaging in photography, and something factor which has got me for several years is cameras. Most cameras i have tried personally are the type you possess the button lower after 2 seconds of waiting, it button snaps and requires a picture. I’m really confused on my small uncle’s cameras. He’s a sizable expert digital photographer and the cameras appear to simply click and shoot. what is the such camera that all you need to get it done point, click (not really a wait time practically, like .05 of the second) and click on perfect top quality picture. seriously! im really stumped. i understand individuals disposable cameras get it done, however they arent digital and those which are you need to hold lower for the way ever lengthy it requires. In game titles like dead rising frank’s camera is simply point and click on and also the picture is saved .001 seconds after it button snaps. shall we be held just retarded and there’s no camera that may do that or shall we be held half right and theres so strange factor that you can do or some costly camera you can purchase that performs this?

  6. Alrighty….

    If there’s a website available you are able to filter lower around the final particulars on cameras could be great, but haven’t found one yet….


    I’m searching for a

    8mp or greater

    Has Image stability

    I’m able to alter the contacts out

    Digital (2.5 or greater)

    under $300

    If anybody has witnessed one I would like to know

    I acquired the fujifilm s700 and it is only a fancy compact digital. Does not sure the reason I want. I am talking about what camera does not have image stablilty? I haven’t got wooded arms seriously now!

    Exactly what does anybody think about canon’s digital rebel xti? I’ve come across is about 400-500 without contacts.

  7. I been pondering of whether or not to purchase a camera which has moving parts (contacts) or otherwise. I learned about camera which has moving contacts which don’t last lengthy. Is the fact that true? I wished to buy the Canon PowerShot A460 5. Mega pixel Camera 4X Optical Zoom 4X Zoom $116. Because the contacts moves backwards and forwards a great deal when turning/off or while using optical zoom, im afraid the contacts will malfunction sometime later on. Or i’m able to purchase the Hewlett packard E427 Camera 6-megapixel 5x digital (no moving contacts) $100. I believe purchasing the Hewlett packard camera will traverses canon’s because it doesn’t have moving parts. OR are movings parts just like reliable as non moving parts. Anybody think my idea about moving parts in camera is wrong? Please share your ideas.

    I’d be happy to purchase a Canon . It is simply the thought of reliable on moving contacts that scares me.

    Sorry for lengthy question.

    Thanks ahead of time.

  8. I have got a mature 35 mm Canon Eos 550d SLR. I am seeing many of the 28-135mm zoom contacts on purchase that include canon’s 40D digital camera models. Can One use that lens on my small film camera?

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