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  1. I understand how to show it either to side inside a text box, however i require it upside lower. Help!

  2. Does she simply take it eventually or what? I’m not sure how allow it too her.

  3. I click “show text box” but out of the blue it does not appear :/

  4. Ulysses Keliihoomalu

    After I paste an item, or text, from the browser into MS Word this area is nearly always empty. If I paste it for an image editor I’m able to copy it in the editor after which paste it to word. Why does not my home windows clipboard allow straight image captures in the browser??

    May be the condition in word or even the home windows OS?

  5. Alberto Socorro

    My father disconnected the cable box -_- .. lengthy story.. But there exists a Digital recording device cable box from Samsung and it is from Time Warner Cable.. it’s each one of these wires you need to plug in to the tv and also the cable.. how do you get it done?? .. You will find four cable stuck together.. 4 on a single finish and 4 alternatively.. help.. THANKS

    oops.. i am talking about it’s 5 cables.. one-on-one finish and something alternatively

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