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Solar-powered Solara UAV could stay aloft for years


The Solara 60 will have a 196-foot wingspan.

So-called high-altitude, long-endurance (HALE) UAVs like the global Hawk had been around for some time, but a brand new Mexico startup wants to launch vast drones that won’t must land for years.

Titan Aerospace not too long ago showed off its designs for the Solara 50 and 60, sun-powered unmanned flyers that it calls “atmospheric satellites.”

they are designed to be a fraction of the price of a satellite TV for pc while delivering a variety of functionality from woodland hearth and atmospheric monitoring to live mapping and narcotics monitoring.

both would function huge wings, greater than a hundred and sixty ft. across and covered with hundreds of solar cells drawing sun power and storing it in lithium ion batteries for night time flying.

The Solara’s would fly at tropopause altitudes of around sixty five,000 toes (more than 12 miles), the place the winds are rather weak, and keep aloft for as much as 5 years.

That duration is in accordance with the lifespan of elements akin to batteries; improvements may leave them up in the air for longer. Meanwhile, they might lift as much as 70 pounds of sensors and gadgets.

Titan has already flown smaller variations of the drones, and needs to promote full-size ones in less than a year. quite a lot of services and products may supplement those provided by way of conventional satellites.

using the Solara platform could price lower than $2 million, in keeping with a Forbes record that rates Dustin Sanders, Titan’s chief electrical engineer, as announcing, “We’re seeking to do a single-million-dollar-per-plane platform. And the operation cost is almost nothing — you are paying some dude to observe the payload and ensure the aircraft does not do anything stupid.”


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