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Skype for iOS updated with Microsoft account login

After Microsoft had acquired Skype, the integration between the two brands is moving at a rapid pace. Skype has recently updated its iOS app and with the update comes the ability to log in to Skype using your Microsoft accounts, thus giving iOS users the same ability that is available on the desktop client.

With the iOS update, the size of the Skype for iPad app is 25.2MB, and the size of the update for the iPhone is 24MB. With the update, the developers have announced that users can now chat with Messenger, Hotmail, and Outlook.com contacts as well as have the ability to sign in and merge with their Microsoft account. One now also has the ability to create a Skype account directly from the app itself, making it a simplified procedure if they are new to this VoIP service. Users can also tap and hold on instant messages to edit them, choose an emoticon while typing an instant message, animated emoticons for devices with a Retina display, edit saved phone numbers right from the dial pad. The iPhone version comes with support for the display of the iPhone 5.

Skype iOS update

Skype iOS features


Download Skype for iPhone here and the iPad version here.

Earlier this month, Skype for Android devices received an update that allows users to sign in and merge their Skype account with their Microsoft account. Moreover, the design has been changed from ground up for Android tablets, as per the changelog on Google Play. Skype claims to have improved the audio quality on its service, while also doling out a host of bug fixes. To avail the update, users will need an Android device running v2.1 and up.

Skype to Skype IMs, video, and voice calls from the popular video calling service are free over 3G or Wi-Fi. Users can use their Android device to make low-cost calls and SMS to mobiles and landlines. In addition to this, one can send pictures, videos and files to their contacts.

Only recently, the company released a Skype app for WP8 for the Nokia Lumia 920, Lumia 820, HTC 8X and 8S. The app has been labelled a preview release, as opposed to a final version. The WP8 Skype app offers additional features over the original WP7.5 version, and offers greater connectivity with the rest of the phone. The biggest new feature of the app is the ability to be left on in the background. Skype contacts can also be seen in the People Hub, thus letting you start new conversations with just a tap.

Skype recently released its latest version, Skype 6.0, for Mac and Windows desktop users. The update brought to the table Microsoft and Facebook account integration. Users can now sign into Skype using either their Microsoft or Facebook accounts. In Skype 6.0, users can send instant messages to their Windows Live Messenger, Hotmail, and Outlook.com contacts via Skype. Users with Microsoft accounts can merge the MS account with Skype. All they have to do is sign in to Skype with their Microsoft accounts.

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  1. i’m wondering how to pull off altering my username factor on skype. because you can’t really change it out because skype is stupid, i had been wishing i possibly could simply make a brand new account since i don’t worry about the majority of my contacts. however, home windows 8 requires you to definitely sign in to skype making use of your home windows account.

    can there be in whatever way to possess two skype accounts under my home windows account? or perhaps is there a way to remove one of these in order to keep using my home windows account? or would i must sign in with a brand new home windows account?

    thanks sooo much!

  2. how do you make multiple/group audio conference around the iOS application? i can tell will be able to be included to an organization conference and delay pills work, however how do you add individuals to my conference, or how do you produce a group conference(rather than joining) around the apple iphone,ipod device, iOS application?

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  5. Carol Mittelstedt

    apple iphone 3gs the new ios 4.1 skype support version

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