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Skitch for iPhone and iPad v2.5 update brings PDF Support, Stamps and more

Skitch for iPad v2.5

Evernote has updated the Skitch app for iPhone and iPad to version 2.5 that brings lot of new features including PDF support that lets you add annotations to PDF files. This is a premium feature, but it is available as a free trail for all the users for 30 days. This update also brings option to add stamps to make an visual impression on anything. You can place a stamp on an image to quickly indicate that you like something, hate it, or need a deeper explanation. You can also add text to these stamps.

Skitch for iPhone v2.5

New features in Skitch for iPhone and iPad v2.5

  • Read, annotate and share your feedback visually on any PDF document
  • Add stamps to your documents to provide visual feedback
  • The new Summary makes it easy for others to see the annotations you’ve shared with them at a glance.
  • Plain Text styling in annotation
  • Tips for first-time users give you easy access to helpful resources

Download Skitch for iPhone and iPad from the Apple iTunes Store for free, if you don’t have it yet.

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