Thursday , May 26 2016
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Another series win has Bruins fans confident

Bruins fans confident

With each victory, Bruins fans are growing more confident the B’s will again bring home the Stanley Cup.

The Bruins closed out the Rangers in Game 5 of their Eastern Conference semifinal playoff series with a 3-1 victory on Saturday night at TD Garden.

Boston moves on to face the Pittsburgh Penguins in the Eastern Conference finals. B’s fans know they’ll have a few more tough games ahead of them.

NECN’s Deanna Morgan was outside the Garden on Saturday night and fans’ reaction to the big victory in the attached video report.




  1. Kristopher Oltmanns

    Hi I am reside in Canada and I am wondering if you will find any stations AM or FM which i would have the ability to pay attention to the Boston Bruins Live games. Thanks

  2. soo i simply got thinking about hockey…yay!

    and im attempting to decide between your boston bruins and also the walnut leafs.

    please provide your input and opinion which i ought to support!

    please Don’t mention other teams when i only will neglected.


  3. we seen the defensive side from the bruins the very first game and all sorts of out pond hockey game two. what is your opinion you will notice tonight. i believe its likely to be a detailed game tonight but bruins will win by 1

    2. everyone knows that tyler is playing so who’s going to sit down. whatrrrs your opinion.

    3 that goal that polk departed timmy’s mind should which have counted. i believe no.

    4. just how much do you consider the refs will have into nights game. first game there have been a lot of no requires boston and game two there is calls against polk constantly. im a boston fan and i am happy for your however i would like it to be fair.

    who do you consider would be the mvp of the round and who progresses.

    please no haters

  4. Do you consider they’ll create a return. Stink once again.

  5. This Franchise used to be proud and centered the town of Boston. They are basically irrelevant (fighting using the lowly Celtics). Can this franchise be saved by Peter Chirelli? What is the precedent in professional sports in which the league/commisioner walked in and considered the owner too horrible to stay in the league? If that’s the case, how could Bruin’s fans reach Bettman to convince him to intervene? We’re speaking a good original 6 team inside a region which has more hockey rinks per capita than elsewhere in america. There’s insufficient ice for everyone for the kids to experience. The purpose being individuals are dying to root with this franchise, but terrible management as well as worse possession have destroyed this team during the last fifteen years. Its pathetic, no?

  6. Do you consider the Bruins could have been best with Phil Kessel or could they be better with Seguin?

  7. Frances Shelling

    Bruins or Canucks

  8. 1. That has the advantage within the following positions within this series goalkeeper defence offence

    2. Who do you consider will win the series?

    3. the number of games is going to be performed within this series

  9. how can you experience this future season?

    what trade do you consider is going to be made?

    please no haters thanks

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