Saturday , April 19 2014
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    What exactly is it?

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    Could it be graphic or word processing


    Sorry, my dum ICT teacher really authored this on my small assesment, and i had been factor exactly the same factor, and so i just thought id request use. LOL

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    How did blogging start becoming more popular in china?

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    Could it be

    world wide


    world wide


    world wide


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    Francisco Fickett

    In twitter it’s stated to become microblogging

    In facebook it’s stated to become posting status (posts)

    You will find couple of forum website available as well as in social networking websites also we finds forums.

    So mainly what is exactly may be the distinction between blogs, microblogs, posts & forums?

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    My buddies get it but I’m not sure what it’s and it is a little embarrassing! Help! X x x

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    so how exactly does twitter work?

    what/how’s twitter mainly employed for?

    so how exactly does twitter work?

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    wtf is twitter? ya, I have heard about it, but produce the tldr version, exactly what do people do onto it?

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    I wish to follow Tori Spellings Twitter and i don’t understand how. i type her title within the search bar and that i only see other bands twitters on her behalf. Will I require a twitter to see hers?

    Are you able to explain?

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