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Samsung Ativ S Delayed Until February 2013?

Ativ S


Moderates Of Ativ S

Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8 OS got off to a moderate start thanks to HTC and Nokia’s offerings. However, it was Samsung who first took the wraps off Windows Phone 8 with the Ativ S back in August. The device promised to be a trend setter in the Windows Phone arena, but all of those promises were refuted with the arrival of the Nokia Lumia 920. And in no time, the Nokia smartphone was even launched in the market while Samsung still remained skeptical about the device’s launch despite being the first to announce it. It was initially reported that Samsung had delayed the launch of the Ativ S in some markets. But now it is being reported that Samsung has delayed the launch overall and not just in a few markets. The Ativ S is now believed to hit the shelves in February 2013, which is another two months from now. Is Samsung deliberately doing this? Some people tend to think so.

Believed Of Ativ S

It is believed that with the Galaxy S III doing so well, Samsung doesn’t want potential buyers to confuse it with the Ativ S, which also features similar hardware specs although running on an entirely different platform. Android as we all know is the top priority for Samsung, and why wouldn’t it be when the platform has given so much to the company. So it won’t be wrong to speculate that the delay is intentional. However, reports of the Feb 2013 launch are merely speculative and there’s no evidence to back it up, but there’s no proving it wrong either. If these reports are true, it’s unfortunate how a flagship device gets delayed merely to accommodate for a well established handset.

February 2013 however, might not be too late for the Ativ S as Windows Phone generally has a slower evolution cycle compared to Android. It won’t be strategically wrong to launch the device just prior to the Galaxy S IV launch in Q2 next year. Some markets were believed to get it in January, and while we don’t rule it out entirely, it seems very unlikely to happen. Either way, we’ll know the complete picture in the early months of 2013. Let’s hope Samsung has something in mind for the Windows Phone 8 platform, as unlike Android, the choice is fairly less in the WP8 arena.

I personally feel the problem lies in the hardware of the Ativ S. Samsung has made it too similar to the Galaxy S III, almost as if it were a WP8 version of the Galaxy S III. This is what strangely impressed and got most users excited about the Ativ S. And Samsung seems to have realized that, albeit a little late.

[ Source :- Thedroidguy ]


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