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Review Syncios software: iPhone, iPad & iPod Transfer Tool for Windows

The calculations were pretty simple even few weeks before i.e. you buy an apple iDevice, you got to have iTunes in it. iTunes played the role of managing these apple devices as well as also helped in organizing videos and music files. But with the ageing of this software by apple, most of the users are looking for a way out of using some other means to perform these tasks.

Alternatives though available within the market, but only satisfies a few among the huge user base of apple devices because of some drawbacks. In the meantime, a new challenger is released to flush out all those partially satisfactory products and to fulfil all the jobs the users desired to accomplish. It is the Syncios software. The biggest merit syncios possess is that, it’s free! So, there is no place for a second thought before trying this freeware. This is the best thing.

Syncios is the latest showstopper which is basically an apple device manager i.e. an IOS device manager well-designed for users to use with any of their iDevices like iPad, iPod and iPhone for exporting and importing media contents among these. It can be easily used in even system based on WINDOWS. So, die hard window fans can also try some Apple goodies right within their own platform without any complicacies. Syncios can be very smoothly used for exchanging digital videos, music files, ringtones, photos and even apps. It can also be used for backing up contacts in the PC and also for storing ebooks.

Additionally, with syncios, PC can be connected with any iOS device like iPad, iPod and iPhones with utter simplicity and this feature is tested and works like a breeze. So from now on, Syncios is the simplest solution for connecting iOS device to PC and transferring data. This will definitely put a smile on many people’s face.

How does syncios work?

There are several rocking stuffs bundled with this app like audio converter, video converter, ringtone maker and iTunes backup. We will discuss all of these in details but before that, let’s have some deeper insights of this brilliant game changing software.

As soon as an iDevice gets connected to syncios, it automatically detects the device and displays all the relevant information about the device connected. The overall catchy design of the IOS device manager is also one of the reasons for its mass popularity. Being intuitively designed, syncios also provides a simple user interface unlike many other options available and thus enjoys a major advantage.

Syncios software (1)Syncios software (1)

The jailbroken status is displayed within the syncios window which implies that it works equally for non-jailbroken devices as well as for jailbroken devices. This will surely be entertained by people who like to tweak into their devices and also like to squeeze out the same benefits enjoyed by a fresh piece of device. Additional information like the program version and memory stats can be seen in this front palette.

The left hand side vertical column displays all the pertaining sections of the device according to file types.

Further, installing of local apps from a PC and uninstalling of apps from the connected device can be performed with charm through syncios. Backup feature on the other hand provides with facility to save a copy of all of these apps aside in case of a rainy day!

Syncios software (1)

From the left hand side within the ‘Tools’ menu link, when clicked, four tools viz. audio converter, video converter, ringtone maker and iTunes backup.

When audio converter is clicked, the window displays standard features which include adding and removing of audio tracks. In the right hand side, a selection drop down provides different formats in which the audio track selected could be converted into. Below this is located the conversion output location where the converted file would be saved. A checkbox below provides facility to automatically transfer the converted file directly to the connected device.

Syncios software (2)

Similarly, on clicking the video converter, a similar user interface like the audio converter is presented with various formats of video in the right hand side of the window. MP4, MOV and M4V are the ones which are currently provided.

Syncios software (3)

The next one in the list is the ringtone maker. With this feature one can create his own ringtone of choice. By browsing within the local PC, the desired track is to be uploaded within syncios. The two small functions do the job of playing the ringtone and listening to the ringtone respectively.

The SMS ringtone checkbox provides the facility to create a ringtone for SMS purpose and can be of twenty-five seconds of length in maximum.

The ‘Start’ and ‘End’ provides the initial and final time duration of the track considered for creating the ringtone. The ‘fade-in’ and ‘fade-out’ provides the timing feature of starting and ending the ringtone in a smoother way and not suddenly.

Syncios software (4)

Below this, similarly like the other functions, provides a checkbox to transfer the ringtone directly to the connected device followed by the output location of the file.

Next comes the iTunes backup manager which is used for backing up the IOS devices for safety reason. This window provides with the details regarding the last time the backup was created, the version of it in the next column, the product and the serial number.

The next in the left hand side comes the media library from where all types of media files can be transferred or removed from the device.

Through ‘photo stream’ one can log in with the help of the Apple credentials and transfer photos from and to the connected devices and PC. With Virtual File System, system files and other media files can be imported and exported with great comfort.

Syncios software (2)

Transfer Apps, Music, Images from PC to iOS devices such as iPhone :

As I mention before, you can easily transfer your Apps, Images, Music from your PC to iPhone. Remember that you must install iTunes in your PC (No need to run iTunes) for running this free Syncios PC to iPhone Transfer correctly.

First, connect your iPhone to computer with USB and launch Syncios PC.

To Transfer App: Now Go to the left panel of Syncios and click “Apps tab”. In the main window you’ll find Install, Uninstall, Backup option. Remember that you can only install local apps in *.ipa format.

To Transfer Images: Click “Photo Tab” from the left panel of Syncios. Here you’ll find Import option to import images from your PC to your iPhone. You can also transfer images between your iPhone, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5 and PC by using “Camera Rroll” option. This option also helps you to easily share your images with your friends.

Transfer files between iOS devices with Syncios

Here is an example showing how to transfer your Photos from old iPhone to the New iPhone 5S. First, Plug your old iPone and use “Export” option to export all photos in your PC and then disconnect old iPhone and plug your new iPhone 5S and use the “Import” option to import all photos from your PC.

Add Music: First navigate to the “Music” tab from the left panel of Syncios. Now choose “Music” option from the right panel to find the Import, Export, Remove, New Playlist option in the main window. Now use this option to transfer music between your iPhone & PC or add more local music from PC to your iPhone, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5 or you can backup all music files from your iPhone to PC.

Well, this is not the end of story with IOS users as a similar Android application named SyncDroid is available for android users for performing similar functions like exchanging media files, backing up android phone data like contacts, sms, call logs, camera photos, browser data etc. Further it can also be used for USB debugging and connecting through laptops and PCs.


Overall, this syncios is very impressive and highly competitive and surprisingly free! Syncios requires iTunes to be pre-installed within the system which therefore states that it is definitely not created for replacing iTunes but it is a better approach to join all the missing links by iTunes.

Visit the official website of Syncios & SyncDroid to download the software


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  2. Augustine Dondlinger

    i’m attempting to connect a sound interface (presonus firebox) into my PC (dell inspiron E1505, windos XP). after i attempt to install the hardware it states it cant locate any connected device. So when i open my Device Manager it does not show an IEEE 1934 port there. when the port is not indexed by the unit manager does which means that i do not have a firewire port instlled on my small PC?

    i actually do possess a physical firewire port along the side of my PC, however in my device manager ther is certainly not listed as firewire, unknown, or IEEE 1934.

  3. Hi —my O/S is WIN XP Professional–the unit Manager shows double records for Display(Plug n Play monitor) and Processor–i attempted uninstal and restart nevertheless its there-also my PC provide a lengthy beep once the Home windows logo design shows at startup–Can anybody please tell me how you can take away the double records? Thanks

    Thanks Zylcho–my Samsung monitor is plug and play type –OK but how about showing two processors after i only have one installed –P4 3Ghz!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    And Microsoft System MAnagement BIOS driver.

    I truly don’t worry about USB.

    All i care about is multimedia driver and BIOS driver. I believe some how BIOS Driver has effects on audio driver. Yes my audio driver isn’t working. i attempted rebuilding system, however it did not work. I attempted to re-install and un-install driver. did not work. I visited Hewlett packard to download audio driver. nothing happened. I visited serives.msc to create launch with automatic, however it was set to become automatic. And also the service status were began. Now I’m not sure how to proceed?

    DO everyone get sound advice?

    BTW my computer is compaq presario s6500KR

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    The costs are:

    apple iphone 4 8gb: $.99 (My mother stated we’re able to go get it a few days ago therefore it would not be on my small list).

    apple iphone 4s 16gb: $100 (I possibly could have about $175 extra products on my small list with this particular)

    apple iphone 5 16gb: $200 (I’d most likely have this, a situation, and new wireless earbuds which could it be)

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