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Revealed 90% Of Pinterest Users Are Women !

usersPinterest is by far the biggest social media phenomenon of 2012 and brands who either are reluctant to tap its potential or simply don’t know about it should take a good look.

The popular home, arts & crafts and fashion social website is now home to millions of users, 90% of whom it is being confirmed are women. A recent study by web optimization company Maxymiser peeled back the curtain to take a look at the growing trends behind Pinterest as well as break down the numbers behind its highly female-focused demographics.

The study found that on average, Pinterest gets around 2.2 million daily active users with monthly active users totaling 12 million. The surge in numbers is also thanks in large part to how well Pinterest integrates with other big sites like Twitter and Facebook. Pinterest already has a Timeline App on Facebook and this alone is helping to drive a boat load of traffic to the site.

One area that Pinterest is really helping any brand or website that integrates via one of its buttons is through referral traffic. According to the study, Pinterest already generates over 1.05% of referral traffic—trumping Twitter who accounts for just .82%. Facebook of course is the big dog with 6.05% but given Pinterest’s age, it won’t be too long before Facebook is overtaken.

Driving all this of course will be the well-targeted female demographic freelance writing jobs India.

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