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Reporting bugs in Google will earn you more rewards now

Google will earn you more rewards now

Fixing bugs and maintaining top-notch security are factors of paramount importance to any Internet establishment. For a while now, Google has been rewarding those who’ve been helping them in fixing more bugs, and it has been doing these through its Web Vulnerability Reward Program. Now considering the difficulty involved in finding bugs in Google’s “most critical applications”, the search giant has announced that it is increasing the rewards for another group of bug categories, in addition to rolling out updated rules.


Reporting bugs in Google

If you manage to fix cross-site scripting (XSS) bugs on, you now stand to receive a reward of $7,500 (previously $3,133.7). Not only that, rewards for fixing XSS bugs in other highly sensitive services – Gmail and Google Wallet – have been hiked too; it is now $5,000, up from $1,337. The highest reward now for significant authentication bypasses/information leaks now is $7,500, up from an earlier $5,000.

Google started its Web Vulnerability Reward Program in November 2010. Since then, Adam Mein and Michal Zalewski from Google’s Security Team claim that they receive over 1,500 qualifying vulnerability reports from across Google’s services and software by companies they acquired. “We’ve paid $828,000 to more than 250 individuals, some of whom have doubled their total by donating their rewards to charity. For example, one of our bug finders decided to support a school project in East Africa,” they revealed.



  1. It’s only carried out by javascript? Or will it be achieved through different ways? Should there be different ways, what exactly are they?

    through which I am talking about just going to a website without installing files (as with hitting a hyperlink, not in getting the web site sent lower onto my computer to see).

  2. Milford Jeannoel

    I wish to prevent my website from mix site scripting. I developed it in php. Please produce answer

  3. Francesco Croteau

    i am talking about …i knw its for developing web pages…..and that i i wanna determine if know Javascript the way it assist me to be a hacker …….i wanna be a hacker….i have only 3 several weeks…to get this done

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