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Relationship posts on Facebook linked to happier marriages

Facebook linked to happier marriages

It seems like the publicly intimate couples you see on Facebook clogging the Newsfeed with their happy pictures may be doing something right. There is now scientific evidence published in the July 2013 issue of Social Psychological and Personality Science which suggests that couples who post about their relationships on Facebook on a regular basis are actually happier than those who don’t.

While it has always been unofficially argued that couples indulging in this practice suffer from low self-esteem issues and the need to overcompensate, according to the research team from UCSF’s Osher Centre for Integrative Medicine, being public is actually a good thing. Led by Laura R Saslow, who is a postdoctoral fellow in the Department of Medicine, the research was conducted in three parts with a group of married Facebook users above the age of 18.

An increased number of relationship related posts on Facebook indicative of a happy relationship, suggests study

An increased number of relationship related posts on Facebook is a good indicator of a happy relationship, suggests a study…

The first test revolved around people who often posted a picture of themselves and their spouse as their Facebook profile picture. The result showed that couples doing so were likely to report being happy in their relationship.

The second one was done to test the level of marital satisfaction and closeness with their spouses. The test result showed that participants were more likely to have a higher level of marital satisfaction with their spouse if they had posted a profile picture of themselves together in the last year.

The third test conducted by the researchers was to find out about the number of times the participants were likely to post something on their spouse’s wall. It was found that participants were more likely to post on their spouse’s wall on days when they were feeling particularly happy about the way their relationship was going.

In an interview with, the co-author of this study, Amy Muise said “It makes sense that someone who’s happier with their life would post these kinds of pictures to show off their relationship. But general life satisfaction and personality traits couldn’t account for our findings.”

However, users should be wary of excessive general Facebooking as it could be bad for a relationship, according to research from the University of Missouri-Columbia. According to Russell Clayton, a doctoral student at the University who did the study, Facebook can lead to an induced amount of jealousy, which can lead to differences between partners. His study pointed out that excessive Facebook users were more likely to connect or reconnect with previous partners, which could lead to possible emotional and physical cheating.

While both studies talk about excessive Facebook habits, both as an individual and as a couple, it would seem that Facebook users need to strike a delicate balance if they want to express their emotions on the social networking platform. How that balance can be gained, will have to differ from person to person.



  1. so my sister keeps stalking me on my small facebook and stating that I ought to put this on my small facebook, certainly one of my cousins explained not to to talk about a hyperlink because someone ‘commented’ the herpes virus naked publish onto it or something like that, the hyperlink was religious. certainly one of my aunties daughter in law once emerged in my experience to state which i should remove an image from ‘my’ facebook bc my neck is seen for the reason that picture. I’m a very decent girl and I truly do not dress wrongly the only real reason i’ve found it insulting is the fact that I don’t share obscene or vulgur posts or publish naked photos of my self. who could they be to help keep attempting to control me?? how do you make these folks stop all at least!!

    All of them attempted to manage my mother into getting me engaged for this weirdo also it required us a heck of four several weeks to get away from that drama. thank heavens i live from them in usa not internationally where im initially from. however i hate certainly one of my envious aunt who’s my moms sister and attempts to brainwash her from stuff and my mother loves her however i know her reality, she forced her kids inside a marriage and should not see other people happy. she explained the worst stuff that you are not too pretty and blah blah and that i wont look for a guy after which she stated ‘i’m saying this which means you will not need to hear people express it to you’ wtf no one stated anything once i broke the engagement with this guy, she was attempting to convince me to marry him and when i do not i wont have the ability to got married bc i am not pretty how can you avoid these baloney people????

  2. My guy is really a Cancer and i’m a Virgo in sun and Scorpio rising.

    We met this march, while driving and preventing on the crossroad. Funny I understand. He switched to be my neighbor – ten years over the age of me. I discovered him on facebook and asked him out in the morning. Our first date was like 6 hrs lengthy, however it was perfect. We ongoing dating everyday since that time. The beginning was great. As soon as he kissed me, my world stopped. He cared a lot about me, calling me constantly, taking me to dinner, coffee, watching movies (never arrived at the finish though haha) as well as, he never compelled me about anything, even sex! BTW the sex was great! It had been wild, but he demonstrated me that he’ll take proper care of me. He Earned LOVE beside me! In each and every way possible!

    He’d a though past, he canceled the marriage 10 day prior and he was hurt with another girl years later, so he does not discuss love and feelings, he loves to act strong, but he shows me a lot, I do not need other things! He was probably the most caring guy I ever met! The bond was strong, however i made some mistakes. My parents weren’t comfortable with him, I attempted to cover everything. I in some way requested him to visit out privately. I had been hiding after i was with him… I believe that hurt him a great deal. The truth that my dad never recognized him. We’d fights since that time. Always splitting up, but he always known as after one or two weeks. Or I’d call. He hates being compelled. He always adopts his spend after i pressure him about something and that he does not talk whatsoever.

    Also this June we designed a deal that we’ll attempt to function normally, despite the fact that he’s ten years over the age of me which we will not hide any longer. I continued a holiday with my buddies, he came and surprised me! Individuals were the most joyful moments within my existence! Though after i returned he was totally transformed! He explained he does not love me which we can not see one another any longer. Like he went hiding into his spend! We’d an enormous fight! I wound up fainting in your own home. Next, I known as him a couple of occasions, attempting to simply tell him I really like him and attempting to make him understand that I can not continue without him! He stated the worst things ever – he stated he’s another girlfriend which he never loved me. I had been hurt. I walked back rather than known as, texted or anything.

    It’s 4 days since that time. three days ago, we knocked into one another like 4 occasions per day so we pretended we did not see one another. He was very nervous. I had been too. I’m not sure what are you doing! Personally i think inside me he loves me, Personally i think it’s not over! I wish to forget him, but something informs me this isn’t over!!


  3. sorry for that length ahead of time….

    i’ve been with my girlfriend for pretty much three years,i’m 27 she’s 24…we actually were built with a great relationship up to i purchased a home about 5 several weeks ago…i requested her to maneuver in so she did…i was both really looking forward to our future etc…things were fine for some time,…my girlfriend began reducing about her job and i’ve got a business which was battling at that time,there have been other conditions outdoors our relationship which was getting an impact on it,i understand how important communication is but ours just dissapeared for whatever reason(it had been always great before)therefore we sitting lower and spoke one evening and made the decision maybe we moved in together too early…she moved to her old place(something i massively regret)…it had been tough however i think sometimes you need to take 1 take a step back to consider 2 steps forward…in the end that people both made the decision that communication was the large problem we needed to cope with living together,so we were making great…i had been obtaining the house as much as scratch to really make it comfortable for the two of us,both of us visited choose things for this therefore it would seem like home for all of us…then all of a sudden she grew to become very distant a couple of days ago,we met and that i requested her that which was up,she began crying saying “she gets weve gone backwards together with her leaving and she or he felt unhappy”…i told which i loved her and when she needs time for you to think things over thats fine,id wait as lengthy because it required just like lengthy as she was happy…i drove home very upset..when i checked out my phone after i got home i’d 3 skipped calls from her and so i rang her….she stated shed designed a huge mistake which i had been the romance of her existence with no-you might treat her much better than i’d and it was sorry to take me as a given during the last while…i really like her and so i stated we’ll pretend tonight never happened…she appeared really relieved and happy and stated she only agreed to be thinking an excessive amount of because a few of her buddies were engaged along with a couple of were marriage…we’ve talked about marriage recently and it is something i truly want…anyway,we had one another the following evening coupled with an excellent laugh but since she’s become distant again??its just really strange..she does not call when she states she’ll and states she’s busy basically request does she wish to venture out some evening,just such things as that…last evening she didnt text or call like she stated she’d,then my sister walked right into a club at 4am and saw her playing blackjack having a guy from her work…………i requested her why she didnt call again and she or he stated she’d no to treat me the way in which she’d been but she couldnt do “this” right now….i understand i wasnt the right boyfriend however i always treated her very well….

    well i published that the couple of several weeks ago so we split up a next day of i published it…we havnt spoken since and that i stated a couple of a few things i regret…i understand i must move ahead but im discovering it tough despite getting great family and buddies…its really affecting me…must i let her beginning??…i saw her picture on facebook today and began shakeing…i had been a very relaxed person until this case….this just is not me…

  4. Elisha Martinell

    The 2009 week, I published the issue in the above connect to discover the other people would do when they were inside a relationship like mine where sex continues to be an problem the time period of the wedding (for those who have time, answer in the room, your feed back is appreciated). My spouse comes with an account and that i let her know to check out posts and answer her opinion from the situation in order to get insight how She would like me to resolve the issue (we’d do that vocally but she’s a inclination to hijack the conversation and never allow me to talk my perspective – making this the only method I’m able to say what I have to say without disruptions).

    I am likely to evaluate her answer here:

    “Should you were not a pathological liar and were telling the entire story and also the whole truth inside your million yahoo solutions questions, you would then most likely get much more useful solutions. I have learned through the years I have known you that 1 / 2 of what arrives of the mouth isn’t truth but something just made on the place.

    Should you keep the wife up ‘hanging out’ or ‘doing homework’ until 1am or later you can’t expect her to remain up even later to have sexual intercourse when she needs to wake up at 6:30am so she can turn to work and offer the family as you are home not getting in almost any type of earnings. Then at 6:30 am when she will hardly awaken to her alarm and needs to go prepare for work, you should not be amazed she’s too tired or otherwise within the mood. Possibly should you enable your wife get some rest every now and then and really considered her needs you would then get sex more frequently. She can’t nap at the office as if you can while you are home, and she or he can’t nap when she will get home since you get mad.

    Around the weekend when she will finally catch on some sleep why would she wish to have sexual intercourse along with you after you have been nagging in her own ear all week and just caring regarding your needs.”

    So her response is wayyyyy in left area. I am not likely to deny I possibly could work, in the end I had been doing the work for 8 many years to support her when she would be a SAHM, however when I lost my job, she agreed that it might be better that i can stay at home and visit college to obtain a better job since it might be less expensive than getting a $200/week childcare watch our youngsters against my minimum wage earnings…

    Here’s the storyline around the sleep factor too when she comes back home, she will get on the pc and “catches up” together with her female friends on Facebook before she “catches up” beside me so she Really stays one to two hrs on the pc in the evening. She also stays about 30-45 minutes on the pc before work. When she will get from the computer so we dine, she either will get back on the pc to ascertain if anybody taken care of immediately what she published. Sometimes she’ll read a magazine, watch a film using the kids (I am too busy cleaning to savor it together most time), or she’ll visit a buddies house…. No matter what she’s doing together with her time, she can’t blame me because of not getting enough sleep when she’s filling her time with 1,000 stuff that don’t have to do with me…

    Around the weekend, she stays the entire day together with her buddies by the pool, at kids birthday parties, or simply chilling out at our home. She could perform the homework whenever throughout the 2 days but she waits until night time the evening it’s because of get it done because she’s a bigger priority on anything else.

    To tell the truth, I am tired of feeling like I am married to some roommate and I wish to be her priority 2 in her own existence… Priority 1 ought to be herself and priority 3 ought to be the kids… I am fed up with her accusing me that she’s not receiving enough sleep, when she’s doing the work to herself together with her 1,000 hobbies and things you can do without me…

    I dunno, what’s your ideas? Shall We Be Held a bDollarDollargap for wanting sex having a wife which i feel sexually desirable (despite the fact that she’s an entire btch sometimes) or do you consider that my spouse is attempting to develop 1,000 excuses to prevent her defunct relationship beside me and she or he needs to select – me or her social existence?

    If you feel I possibly could do more to assist her out – answer/look at this other question (not the same as above) to determine more particulars before posting…

    Is that if it had not been lengthy enough, I simply added which i would be a rotten husband to her from 2001 to 2009 whenever we were trying to puzzle out how you can be parents and cope with me working 66 hrs per week therefore we will have our issues, but we agreed 2010 was the entire year to “be considered a better person” and end up forgetting all that happened therefore we could heal, repair, and resolve our marriage..

    I am supporting my part to alter for that better, she’s not supporting her finish from the bargain… Ought to be fact, I informed her that she required to do was produce sex a minimum of 3 occasions per week and anything else would fall in position because I’d have something to anticipate… I would like what every guy wants, a wife to respect for who she’s along with a whore that may show me how kinky and slutty she is incorporated in the bed room… I am the same as every other married guy available… I suppose she’s the same as any lady available because she resists this request… :/

    @jimrich – For that longest time I agreed along with you the kids ought to be priority 1 however i learned hard method in which should you place the kids as priority 1, how’s it going likely to demonstrate to them the way a happy marriage need to look? Would you fake happiness? Children are WAY wiser than we was once and would have the ability to see through it…

    Generate income view it, first you need to respect yourself (or else you can’t respect others), then you must have a powerful foundation (a powerful marriage) after which finally you are able to take care of children since you respect yourself and you’ve got oneness/partnership together with your husband/wife…

    And So I guess you can say, let us not ignore the kids but you could also discover that the children will always be around and when they catch wind that we are quarreling, it may be just like devastating as neglecting them…

  5. Okay and so i have known this aquarius for five several weeks and we’ve been dating for just two several weeks. Personally i think so insecure within our relationship since i only see him for fun on saturday and thru the week he barley foretells me. Among the finest to speak to him and that i know I am falling for him, however i don’t seem like he feels exactly the same way. He dated his closest friend (another aqua) for any year and that he constantly discusses her. He left his Facebook account drenched in on my cell phone and so i checked out his activity log and that he looks for her every single day… I haven’t told him I understand this however it affects me. He’s explained he isn’t deeply in love with any one of his exes any longer however i truly don’t know and that i don’t seem like he wants to get along with me. I do not feel special and that i don’t seem like he goodies me like he treated his exes and that i don’t lead him to feel how his exes do. I attempt something to lead him to happy however i cannot lead him to feel something which is not there… His ex performed games with him constantly plus they constantly split up, so I am believing that I am simply not challenging enough for him or something like that? I simply tend not to play mind games and that i love very deeply and merely want exactly the same back. Is the fact that a lot to request for? I’m a scorpio. Help!

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