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Qualcomm Atheros SpeedBoost network technology revealed


SpeedBoost network technology

Qualcomm Atheros has revealed its new intelligent bandwidth management technology for Wi-Fi routers and gateways. StreamBoost will allocate data to various Internet-connected devices on a network, automatically managing and shaping network traffic and giving specific applications traffic priority over others, such as gaming or video-on-demand applications.

StreamBoost is an extension to the 802.11ac standard, which itself was created to address the issue of crowded networks. An opt-in, cloud-based service will increase the “intelligence” of the router, adding new applications and traffic management rules as time goes on.

Routers using StreamBoost are expected to go on sale from the sprint in North America, Europe and Asia, and Qualcomm Atheros will be demonstrating the concept with Alienware and D-Link Systems using Qualcomm’s VIVE 802.11ac technology at CES next week.




  1. exactly what is a network id ? let me know full

  2. I need some examples of networking problems. I need a couple that are specific to Wireless LAN networks as well. I only need a few answers, not too many.

    Easy 10 points.
    I don’t wnat hardware problems listed.

  3. can anyone produce a complete description to Metropolitan Area Systems , pl z?

  4. Franklin Hemanes

    Searching my network is proven however when i open my systems no any systems are proven.

    I wish to remove every network. How?

  5. Ricardo Berkovich

    networking is several computer systems connected.

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