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Popularity of multiplayer justifies Xbox One’s always online requirement: Micro

Popularity of multiplayer justifies Xbox One

In a new attempt to justify the always-online requirement for Xbox One, Microsoft Game Studios’ Vice President Phil Spencer stated in an interview with Polygon that always-online is okay because of the popularity of multiplayer gaming.

He responded in a question about whether Microsoft was concerened that the online authentication requirements of the Xbox One would restrict its audience. He responded by saying that it isn’t a concern, because online gaming is very prominent, with most gamers playing online with their friends instead of single player.

“What we’re seeing in games … is online community gaming is becoming a predominant way that people play,” he said.

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“You see so many of these large games that are out there that rely on and are kind of made by the connection people have with their friends, and how they play cooperatively and competitively with the millions of people on Xbox Live and other ecosystems,” he said. “It’s a predominant form of gaming today.”

Just recently, Xbox executive Don Mattrick had responded to the complaints against the Xbox One’s always online requirement in an interview with Spike TV. He calls the Xbox One a “future proof choice” since it is designed to use the Internet’s capabilities. For those that don’t have the option to connect to the Internet, Mattrick says, “Fortunately we have a product for people who aren’t able to get some form of connectivity.” He continues, “It’s called Xbox 360.”

The Xbox One is slated to hit stores in 21 markets in November. India isn’t one of the 21 markets and will see the console at a later date, presumably in 2014.



  1. I’ve 2 classic remotes and just like 2 multiplayer virtual console games. What are the which are type of like co-op?

  2. i’ve always wondered how it’s entirely possible that a console just like a xbox 360 360 or perhaps a ps3 that are really small, and economical, in comparison to some gaming computer, can enjoy games so amazingly and perfectly, and you’ll need a commuter which costs 1000’s of dollars to experience that Identical game. and when they’re so effective, why dont pc producers make computer systems with similar components because these consoles, as well as sell them for additional $$$,? whether they can perform THAT well, why don’t you transform it into a desktop? it ought to have the ability to be achieved right? all im asking though, is exactly what causes it to be perform very well for such an inexpensive??? thanks


  3. Reynaldo Bloschichak

    Is not easier to purchase a PS3 or Xbox 360 360 rather than buy or develop a gaming pc? i am talking about is not far more costly and much more of the hassle obtaining the right components. on consoles you simply hook it up and play, it’s split-screen multiplayer, and you may experience your 50in. plasma with multichannel audio. arent consoles better?

  4. Does anybody have a listing from the confirmed Virtual Console games not launched yet. Please no wikipedia

  5. The graphics are certainly inferior on the console than you are on your personal computer, it goes without saying however the relaxation could still manage to sort out fine, could it be because of the devs not doing the main harbour properly?

    Nevertheless, I personally don’t like dumbed lower games on consoles.

    KillZone 3 like a console game it is good, but it’ll not be similar to PC FPS’s.

  6. I’ve nothing at this time around.Can Anybody let me know what’s the distinction between PC gaming And Video gaming,Do you know the advantages & disadvantages of gaming systems or how do i transform my pc right into a gaming system?

  7. Andreas Cabana

    Also, discover the x-intercepts of f(x) = 3x^2 – 21.

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