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Pay what you want for Battlefield 3, other top EA games

Pay what you want for Battlefield 3

Gaming for the sake of charity.

Gamers have a big opportunity through August 28. The Humble Origin Bundle lets you grab up to eight top-tier Electronic Arts games — including Dead Space, Crysis 2 Maximum Edition, Mirror’s Edge, Dead Space 3, Medal of Honor, Battlefield 3, Burnout Paradise: The Ultimate Box, and The Sims 3 Starter Pack — at whatever price you want (starting at $1). A great bonus? All proceeds go to charity.

One fact worth noting: To access popular games such as Battlefield 3 and The Sims 3, donors will need to contribute at least $4.65, which is a moving average of all contributions (that number may change as donations fluctuate). Regardless, that’s a heck of a deal for either game, and especially the bundle itself, which would cost about $215 if purchased altogether.

Gamers who aren’t keen on using EA’s Origin digital download service can also get access to several of the titles on Steam. With the exception of the Mac version of The Sims 3, all of the games are for PC only.

At the time of this writing, more than 440,000 people bought into the bundle, raising more than $2 million in the process. Gamers can slice up their contribution and give it to the Human Rights Campaign, Watsi, American Cancer Society, American Red Cross, and San Francisco AIDS Foundation.



  1. I would like real main reasons why the console you selected is much better. And I shouldn’t here about PSN is free of charge and XBL takes a small fortune, individuals are utilized too mutch because nobody has anything easier to say. and many people around the ps3 side will the graphics be more effective, to be sure with that piont.

    I’m around the xbox 360 side, i personally use to become a ps3 player untill last year after i couldnt utilize one single match of cod 4 and mw2 with no cyber-terrorist. that actually pisssed me off making me change to xbox 360. one more reason happens because the games that are only concerned with xbox 360 360 tend to be more fun compared to games that are only concerned with ps3, the only real ps3 game i’m awaiting is god of war 4 wich is nearly a complete year to be released. sorry in my gramer (fingers hurt)

  2. I adopted the hyperlink to purchase the development Karkand in the Origin Battleground 3 launcher and compensated £11.99 for this, receiving an e-mail to verify the acquisition. My status in the launch screen shows I get access to Karkand maps. After I attempt to access a web server having to pay among the maps, however, I recieve a note saying I don’t possess the expansion.

    How do you install the development?

  3. Ok here’s my estimation about this, battleground 3 had amazing graphics in addition to mw 1 2 and three. When blackops 1 was created and that i purchased, it blew my thoughts. I told myself “vidieo games will quickly be so real however when blackops 2 arrived on the scene, I had been so disappointed using the background graphics. The weapons were fake and I am telling myself “I payed $60(2013) for any fucking cartoon game. After I visited a The new sony store there is a $30k(2013) lcd tv and that i was like dam I’m able to borrow some$ in the bank and obtain this and so i hit the display button. It had been playing a ps4 beta reducing game and gues what, it had been a stupid cartoon game and do not let me know “oh it is a beta so that they have worse graphics” I am a beta tester and betas have a similar graphics. Please the current gaming market is disappointing me. Ps basically spelt anything wrong its because I am asking this on my cell phone at 1:00am eastern standered time. Auto correct sucks to.

    I did not purchase the tv cause I’m not by using their for stupid cartoon games and reducing beta ought to be racing game.

    I haven’t got a ps4 testing unit it had been in the the new sony store I visited.

    I still think the games are exciting Im just worrying cause there so costly. half life2 game in 2004 for that pc and contains better graphics than most contemporary game titles which i performed to date.

  4. is sim cards 2 pets and expansion pack?………………..the thing is if it’s do u must have sim cards 2 first? if you do not have sim cards 2, are you able to still play sim cards 2 pets?

  5. GETTING Tired of the updates the offline origin/DICS/EA..yawn yawn Fking yawn! when i taken care of the development pack another £40 ontop from the £35 i taken care of the initial game Then your £25 monthly i purchase my server devoted to BF3, ive also spent several weeks dealing with the very best so yesterday i acquired Bald eagle 100 & today i cant play the overall game? just seen EA’s pathetic unmoderated Facebook page! how terrible is the support towards the very individuals who make that company what it’s! yes a number of you might say im a moaning noob! BUT i’ve got a point! i’m sick to dying from the servers been taken offline! for updates patches & other fixes! my clan have had issues getting gaming today??? DOES EA/ORIGIN employ apes to complete the coding? Otherwise What makes them delivering updates/patches that do not work!!! SHAME You!!!

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