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It seems some users are facing issues with their account. A rather lengthy chain of posts on Microsoft’s forum reveals that an earlier issue pertaining to users losing emails upon renaming their account has re-surfaced. In October last year, it was reported that those users who had made the shift from the older Hotmail to were unable to access their emails on the latter platform. As on January this year, the issue persisted for some users, reports Neowin.

Cover users ‘bug’ged by missing emails again

One of the messages from the lengthy chain reads:


I’ve renamed my hotmail account yesterday at 11am (BST) to, and have in the process lost all my emails.

I was shown no prompt to transfer or save my emails. After rename I was shown another login screen and once logged in, presented with an empty inbox.

Can I have these restored please.


This post is followed by a host of others, mostly facing a similar problem. Needless to add, the e-mail service is a popular one, and as on December last year, it had one million Indian users.

India is an interesting market for us because it’s one of the few markets where Hotmail was number one and that really switched over to Gmail. About three-four years ago, Google search, Gmail and Orkut were very strong, not to mention Android growing like mad. It was Google’s best market in many ways,” Microsoft General Manager (Windows) Brian Hall told Business Line.

Last month, Microsoft had announced that it had managed to successfully usher 300 million active Hotmail users to the newer email service.



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