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Office Remote app will let your Windows Phone control presentations

Microsoft has taken the covers off the place of business far off, an app that lets you regulate Microsoft administrative center right from a windows phone. Basically, it is going to act as a faraway regulate, which could prove to be useful if you have shows to make.

The app is a home windows telephone eight unique and the result of collaboration between Microsoft research and Microsoft workplace engineering teams. it is possible for you to to keep watch over Microsoft word, Excel and, most importantly, PowerPoint with the app. it’s going to work now not just with Microsoft place of work, but additionally place of job 365.


officeremotescreenie 191030039260 640x3601 Office Remote app will let your Windows Phone control presentations

Presentations just turned into more uncomplicated…you probably have a windows telephone

The place of work faraway app works with all variations of the place of work 2013, excluding place of business 2013 RT. in addition to the app and the place of business suite, all you want for the presentation to be up and working is a Bluetooth-enabled laptop and a laptop add-in for workplace far off in your laptop. The app itself will feature massive, obtainable buttons and require you to use easy gestures to run between slides and sheets.

you will be able to zoom in on phrase documents, view thumbnails on PowerPoint and even have an on-screen laser pointer with the place of job remote app. it’s going to help you view your speaker notes, control data slicers and scroll thru word medical doctors proper out of your cell phone. “We wish to make it possible for we continue to create instruments that deliver one of the best imaginable experiences to presenters and audiences,” says Darren fringe of Microsoft research. “it’s reasonably amazing how many individuals all over the place the sector depend on PowerPoint to add memorable, visual influence to their displays—and what number of of these displays are delivered in assembly rooms, classrooms, ballrooms and boardrooms daily.



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    Hi all

    I wish to become an MS Stand out programmer and also to give plan to Stand out customers .

    I wish to offer my EXCE expertise to construct custom Stand out applications for offices and industrial facilities anf for

    any Stand out user

    My real question is , what must i know for your , for instance is VBA essential ?



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    I’ve the program designed in stand out 2003, but i have to upgrade it to 2007 which is so hard, does anybody think they might assist me to, it truly is an excessive amount of to describe within this question, maybe we’re able to email?

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    Antione Quatrevingt

    Ok, I understand how to complete standard auto fill features.

    I am wondering if Stand out includes a feature which will complete adjacent cells if your certain factor is typed.

    For example, Basically type “34″ in once cell, the adjacent cell would complete with “Books”


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    What’s the best form of Ms Word to make use of?

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    Jackson Davidian


    Anybody understand how to disable copy in stand out worksheet?

    Im using stand out 97.


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    Hi, can you really automate the bond from the database in Microsoft Stand out? Like developing a macro.

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